How to Master the Art of Light Packing

    With the festive season now behind us, we’ve all started to think vacations all over again! At the start of the year, many of us find ourselves yearning for far-off lands and sunshine in lieu of the blizzards and cold weather at home. If you’ve booked a trip or weekend away for the coming year already, here are our must-haves to ensure you pack effectively when traveling.

    Shoes for all Terrain

    n an ideal world, the light packer should be able to get away with bringing just one pair of shoes that matches all outfits, for day and night. However, traditionally, light-travelers have had to make the choice between flimsy, poorly-supported sandals suitable for the beach or a closed-toe sneaker for city walking. Nowadays there are plenty of marvelous hybrids available to buy which incorporate the best of both worlds; a sports shoe-<em>esque</em> base for excellent support and comfort over a long period of walking, along with the freedom of an open-toed style. Try a cool and tough-wearing leather sandal from a brand such as Dr. Martens – a long-wearing shoe that’s bang-on trend.

    Perfect Fitting Swimwear

    Rest assured: buying a swimsuit is a struggle for all of us. Finding the perfect balance between a great fit and a fashionable style is a complete chore. Many of us know the pain of cheap swimwear. It clings in all the wrong places – or worse still – it’s too baggy and falls off when we enter the water! If you’re packing light, you can only really afford to bring one (maximum two, if you’re planning to be in the water a lot), so make sure you buy your swimwear from a quality outlet. Peter Hahn is a site that specializes in well-fitted clothing and swimwear that comes in a trendy range of standard and plus size styles.

    Multipurpose Cosmetics

    These days you can have it all, in one! To save space in your wash bag, get on board with multitasking wonders such as Dr. Bronner’s 100% pure Castile soap. It’s a 100% natural liquid soap that claims to have “18 uses” to do everything from washing clothes, body, hair and even teeth if you’re feeling brave (the soapy taste is an acquired one).

    A Secure Bag

    Pickpocketing is one of the most common reasons the enjoyment of a traveler’s journey can be cut short. Fanny packs are back in a big way – no longer the proviso of ‘uncool dads’ or a tragic 80s throwback, these handy belted purses can be worn under a dress or long T-shirt to keep valuables and money out of sight from pickpockets. For more advice on safeguarding your money while abroad, read our tips for keeping your money safe while traveling.


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