How To Easily Convert Text To Audio?

    Are you looking for ways to convert text to audio? You may need this for an audio version of a document for a class or a project. Or, perhaps you just want to change the way your voice sounds without recording yourself. There are different ways to convert text to audio easily.

    We’ll show you how to convert text to audio easily in this article! Let’s get right into it.

    What is Text To Audio? 

    Text to Audio is another term used for Text to Speech, or TTS. This is usually done through voice synthesis, where text is converted to sounds that can be played back through loudspeakers or headphones. The term ‘text to speech’ typically refers to software that converts written text into spoken words.

    There are many applications for TTS, including reading aloud eBooks or web pages, providing voice feedback in speech recognition systems, or creating voices for animated characters in movies and video games. In recent years, the use of TTS has become more widespread with the introduction of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. These devices use TTS to convert written text into spoken word, read aloud the weather forecast and news headlines, or answer questions.

    Several Text-to-Speech tools are available in the market, and some are free while others are commercial products.

    Some TTS tools also offer voice changers and customizable effects. Let’s understand what these are.

    What is a Voice Changer With Effects? 

    A voice changer with effects is software that allows you to modify your voice to sound like another person, animal, or character. Voice changers are used for many purposes, such as creating prank calls, making dubbing videos, and changing your voice while playing online games.

    There are many types of voice changers with effects. But most of them work by manipulating your voice’s pitch, frequency, and timbre.

    Now, let’s get into how you can easily convert text to audio using’s text-to-speech engine!

    How To Convert Text to Audio Easily Using Murf.AI?

    Creating quality voiceovers and custom voices for your content is a simple five-step process with a Murf text to speech converter. You can hear your voiceover in real-time and make necessary adjustments before rendering the final product.

    1. Enter Your Script

    You can use Murf’s text editor to type in or copy-paste your script. The editor has an easy-to-use interface like Microsoft Word that can help you edit text. You can also choose one of the pre-designed templates in the studio based on your needs.

    2. Choose the AI Voice

    Murf offers a diverse range of voice styles, tonalities, and emotions, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your project. Its extensive library of AI voices covers a wide range of styles, accents, and languages. You’ll surely find the perfect fit for your project.

    Customization options and a wide range of emotions and tones make it easy to create voice overs that sound natural and engaging. Whether you need a TV commercial voiceover or a celebrity voiceover, Murf has the perfect voice for your project.

    3. Customise Your Voice

    Murf’s studio offers more features than most TTS tools available online. You can adjust the pitch and speed of your voiceover, change the volume, add pauses, and emphasise certain words in your script using Murf’s custom features. You can also use the ‘Pronunciation’ feature to specify how a word should be pronounced using a different spelling or phonemes.

    Murf’s TTS tools also let you transform your voiceover from a simple recording to a professional-quality AI voice. Simply record your voice, and then let Murf do the magic by converting your voice!

    4. Add Final Touches With Free Media

    If you want to take your voiceover to the next level, consider adding royalty-free background music from Murf’s music library. You can also integrate media like audio, video clips, and images into your voiceover to make it even more interesting and engaging.

    5. Create Your Natural Sounding Speech

    When you’re ready, just hit the ‘Build Audio’ button, and your voiceover will be created in no time.


    Text to audio is a great way to easily create high-quality voiceovers for your content. It can save you hours of editing time once you find the right voice for the type of content. With Murf, you can create custom AI voices, change the pitch and speed of your voice, and add sound effects.

    So what are you waiting for? Try out Murf today and see how easy it is to create quality voice overs for your content.

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