How to Earn Money as a Tutor

    If you are a student or a recent graduate, finding a job is daunting especially during a global pandemic, even if things are starting to open up a bit. Tutoring is, therefore, a great opportunity to earn money and allows you to pick your own hours to ensure it fits around your schedule, there are so many reasons as to why tutoring is great!  

    There are a variety of different ways that you can get into tutoring, whether you decide to start up your own business or if you decide to join a company that already specializes in Tutoring, you could also go through the route of working with schools as well as working online or in person. In this blog, we will look at the ways you can earn money as a tutor. 

    Working for a company 

    Applying to work as a tutor as part of a company is a great option, you will automatically be found students to work with, saving you lots of time when trying to establish your client base. If you work as part of a tutoring company you will often be provided with the content for your lessons, whether this is handouts, PowerPoint slides or whatever else it might be. This is great as it will save you a lot of time when it comes to preparing PowerPoints and teaching materials. 

    Your tutoring employer will arrange how much you get paid. For some people, money can be an awkward conversation so when you don’t have to discuss money with your student or your student’s parents that can be a big bonus. If you work for a tutoring company you may also be entitled to holiday pay and sick pay, this is a big advantage as if you are working for your own tutoring business you won’t get paid at all. 

    Choosing the right tutoring company to work for can be challenging, however, there is lots of research on the internet that compares the different tutoring agencies this will therefore help you with your decision. 

    Starting your own tutoring business

    If you want to take the more independent and entrepreneurial route, starting your own tutoring company might be the perfect option for you. As an independent business, you will have the complete freedom to choose your rates, your working hours and you will have even more flexibility when it comes to booking time off of work, however, of course, you won’t get paid. 

    If you are a student or graduate who has the time to create your own teaching materials and create your own client base, private tutoring might be perfect for you. As a private tutor, you can choose your own rates, this is great and if you want to teach to a variety of different academic levels, whether it is GCSE maths or helping someone with their Masters in maths, how much you charge for these tutoring sessions is completely up to you. 

    In summary…

    Of course, both options have their pros and cons but overall, tutoring is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to be flexible with your hours, receives a generous salary as well as looking great on your CV. Employers will love seeing Tutoring on your CV as you will develop a variety of valuable skills as well as educating an individual in an area that you excel in. 

    If you want to apply to a tutoring job, be sure to check out StudentJob UK, they work with a variety of different tutoring agencies!


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