Dealing with Adjusters? Better Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you want to be compensated for the sustained injuries in the event of an accident, you need to hear this – the insurance companies are just like other businesses, and their main goal is to make – not to give away – money! Just because the insurance adjuster is acting friendly does not guarantee you, he is your friend. Most insurers will provide adjusters with a bonus to settle the claim sooner and with as little as possible.

    It may be frustrating to deal with an insurance company, and often it is best to leave this process to a professional personal injury lawyer in Deland. Apparently, straightforward compensation claims may also contain other damages awards not realized by the injured party.

    Naturally, insurance adjusters realize these scenarios, and often it is easy to determine whether the claimant lacks relevant information. When an insurance adjuster says that a lawyer is not necessary, it is time to call one. Always ensure that you have a licensed lawyer by your side to help you navigate through the claim process.

    First, Adjusters Are Not Your Friends.

    The bigger your injury claim is, the more likely you are to have a pleasant and courteous adjuster. The small your claim seems to them, the rugged and abrupt they may be. If an insurance company finds that they are exposed to significant losses, the adjuster will probably contact you and appear friendly and fair – until the money is discussed!

    One reason that the adjusters can be friendly and even appear helpful is that they can attempt to discourage you from getting a car accident lawyer. Some adjusters will say such things like, “we will take full responsibility” or “you really don’t have to hire a lawyer,” or “they’re only taking share in the money.” But unfortunately, there is a reason the insurance company discourages you from being represented, and it is not meant to benefit you.

    One tactic used by the insurance company is that they leave an impression that the adjuster will fairly address your loss. The innocent victim typically mistakenly believes that when the insurance adjuster says phrases such as “we admit liability,” which means the compensation they will offer for the losses will be fair.

    It is often only when the adjuster discusses compensation that the victim realizes they need a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, this frequently happens many months after the car accident, and many things that were supposed to document the claim were not done since the victim expected the insurer to be fair.

    Settling The Claim Is Not Urgent as It Seems

    If you talk to the insurance company,

    Do you feel you have to settle quickly?

    Do they tell you that the deal is available for a limited time?

    Are you rushing to decide? It is all by design. While it is true that you cannot wait forever to claim damages following car accidents, you must comply with the Florida statutes of limitations. The adjusters, however, would make you think that you need to accept an offer within weeks. They generally attempt to resolve the claim as quickly as possible to avoid litigation, a case that is likely to require them to provide more money.

    Whether your damage is unbelievably small or whether you have considerable damage and medical bills, do not settle soon. It is best to talk to an attorney and have another view at your situation. Many personal injury lawyers will provide you an honest assessment of your condition. 

    This is particularly true if you have been fighting or planning to fight the insurance company alone. You may be ready to accept their offer but do not know if it is worth everything. Contact a personal injury attorney who can evaluate you and probably carry your case farther than you can alone.

    They Will Use What You Say to Hurt You.

    Insurance providers will want to receive recorded personal injury statements shortly after an accident. Some of them may even claim that they cannot proceed with a claim UNLESS you make a statement. This does not apply to injury claims brought to the insurance of the other party in Florida. 

    However, be careful what you say when you give a recorded statement to an adverse adjuster. Insurance adjusters are trained to receive statements from victims of personal injury. Do not let them put your mouth into words. A question like “When did you see the other vehicle initially” is a loaded question as it indicates you spotted the second victim vehicle before the collision.

    The extend of injuries is another area of discussion that comes up with recorded comments. Sometimes, until a day or two or even later, a victim may not know the extent of his injuries. Other times one area strongly hurts that there are no other medical problems. Avoid providing medication remarks.

    Their Offer Is Low, And They Absolutely Know It. 

    You can know that it is a far smaller offer than what you are owed if the insurance adjuster swiftly puts an offer on the table. It is probably a lot less, and they know that now you would prefer money than fighting for the money you owe. Most insurance companies have adopted a “deny first” tactic.

    Insurance firms have a full team of lawyers who every day deny and delay cases like yours. Their aim is to retain as much of your money as possible in their pockets, in the expectation that you will give up. Remember that insurance firms are among the worlds richest. They realize that refusing and postponing claims maintains money in their pockets. So even if you must bump up the offer throughout the bargaining process, they are still gaining interest on your cash and hence making lots of profit.

    The More Severe Your Injuries Are, The More Likely You Will Need an Attorney.

    Personal injury claims entail more than simply negotiating any amount with an insurance company. The more severe your injuries and the worse your medical expenditures are, the more likely you will need a personal injury lawyer in Deland to help you. If you are insured, your health insurance company will undoubtedly have their hand out and want to be compensated for their medical expenditures.

    Probably a hospital lien will get the first money out of any compensation if your medical bill has not been paid. It is a better choice to keep an experienced and accomplished personal injury lawyer for a more severe injury. Insurance adjusters try to prevent you from acquiring a lawyer for a purpose – to save money. Therefore, getting an experienced lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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