The Quick Guide to Puppy Pains: 5 Tips for Treating Your Dog’s Joint Pain


    From car rides with the windows down to dog-park playdates and “puppuccino” runs, it’s likely that you’re always doing all you can to give your furry friend a happy and healthy life. While proper exercise, sufficient nutrition, cognitive stimulation, and appropriate grooming are critical to a canine’s wellbeing, many dog owners inadvertently overlook a significant aspect of their pup’s life: joint health.

    While age or extra weight can undoubtedly contribute to canine joint discomfort, some breeds are naturally predisposed to experiencing arthritic pains. Joint discomfort can inhibit your pup’s ability to engage in the activities they love most since the discomfort tends to cause difficulty with sitting, jumping, running, and climbing.

    If your ordinarily energetic dog becomes reluctant to participate in active play, it may be suffering from common but debilitating joint pain. Fortunately, your pup isn’t out of luck. Check out this quick guide to puppy pains for tips on treating your dog’s joint pain.

    Purchase dog joint supplements

    If dogs are man’s best friend, then joint supplements are dog’s best friend. The right dog joint supplements will stimulate your pet’s joint cartilage and prevent inflammation and ouch-causing damage. Many joint supplements even offer relief from pain and stiffness by contributing to critical collagen, enzyme, and acid production.

    Rule out physical abnormalities

    While the ails of natural aging or breed-related genetics can cause joint discomfort, some canines experience pain due to a physical abnormality that you ought to rule out before treatment begins. If your dog is overweight, has recently undergone an injury, or has severely low muscle tone, their physical condition may be exacerbating their joint pain. Once you consult your veterinarian to identify the cause of the irritation, you can be sure that your next step will be the right one.

    Try strength training

    An active dog is a happy dog, but resistance to exercise caused by joint pain can create a vicious cycle of weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Strengthening your pooch through consistent physical therapy or outdoor activity can improve the function of your pup’s muscles. Furthermore, increased muscle mass offers protection to the joints and contributes to your dog’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. Since extra body fat can cause joint strain, a regular exercise regimen and a more nutritious diet should have your fido feeling better in no time.

    Consult your veterinarian about medications

    Since inflammation is a substantial component in any recipe for joint pain, anti-inflammatory drugs can efficiently and safely reduce joint irritation. If oral medication isn’t suitable for your hound, most veterinarians offer medications via joint injections that will help lubricate the area and stop joint agony in its tracks.

    Consider surgical treatment

    While the thought of your puppy pal going under the knife may make you feel uneasy, some dogs require surgical intervention to achieve significant symptom reduction. If your dog’s pain doesn’t resolve after the application of consistent non-surgical treatment, talk to your vet about exploring the option of surgery. Suppose your dog is suffering from advanced arthritis or injury-based joint pain. In that case, a veterinarian may recommend surgical interventions like tissue replacement or joint cleaning to help your pooch experience long-term relief.

    Before you go

    Similar to most dog-lovers, you probably feel strongly about your pet’s comfort and happiness. If your furry friend isn’t feeling its best, throw them a bone and address their joint pain before it interferes with their ability to live the active and joyful life you both enjoy.



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