How to Clean Your Outdoor Living Space without Hurting Nature

    Unless you clean and beautify the garden often, you might as well lock the back door and use this space as an oversized outdoor storage area. Owning a backyard is a huge advantage house owners have over their apartment-dwelling peers in big cities. However, cleaning the garden needs to be properly done if you want to preserve the natural paradise you are surrounded by. This approach implies the use of homemade natural cleaning solutions that do not harm the environment.

    Mowing the grass without gas

    Electric or gas lawn mowers are rather expensive to purchase and what is more important, they produce a lot of noise. Take one out on the front lawn on a Sunday morning and wait for your neighbors to give you the eye. Add to the downside of lawnmowers the fact that they waste energy and pollute the air and you get the perfect reason why to purchase a push mower.

    A reel mower, as it is also called, uses kinetic energy to propel the blades that cut the lawn just as effective as a mower powered by gas. The “only” difference is that push mowers are silent, 100% eco-friendly, and do not use any fuel to run. The perfect garden tool to trim your front lawn without waking up the entire neighborhood.

    Consider composting

    One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when cleaning the garden is to take all the organic trash, like clippings left after mowing the lawn and dump it in a trash can. You can recycle organic waste from the backyard and from inside the household by creating a compost bin. Composting is your way of helping nature hack the decomposition process. Finally, you’ll benefit from an organic fertilizer that you’ve invested zero dollars into.

    The big cleanup

    As far as the pace you clean your backyard is concerned, a bit of dusting each weekend is not going to cut it (pun intended) in the long run. What you need are professional cleaning services like the ones offered by Renew Outdoor Cleaning which promise to clean the entire yard fast. These services are all-encompassing, cleaning everything from the roof to the windows and concrete pathways.

    Furthermore, most professional outdoor cleaners exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning solutions so you won’t have to worry about harming nature. Their water pressure guns can reach nooks and crannies you could never access using a wet cloth. In fact, you can entrust such cleaning services to perform the spring cleanup on your behalf.

    Mulch and weeding

    The whole point of eco-cleaning your garden is to make it as attractive as possible so you can relax surrounded by greenery and the twitter of birds. Speaking of plants, the biggest issue that you might encounter when nurturing them is going to be the appearance of weeds. Ironically, they are a sign that you’re doing a good gardening job as weeds use the water and nutrients from the ground that would otherwise be imbibed by the plants’ root system.

    Weeding out by hand is a laborious task and even when you involve weeding tools, the undertaking will make you lose an entire afternoon. That’s why you should use natural mulch you pick up elsewhere in the backyard to sow around the base of plants. This can be anything from tree bark to pine needles but this natural mulch will prevent weeds from growing and it will make your garden look all neat and clean.

    Introduce good fauna into your outdoor living space

    What weeds are for the plant life, pests are for your garden’s fauna. The best cleaning, i.e. deratization method, listed so far is the introduction of good bugs into your outdoor living space. Basically, all you have to do is invite creatures like the ladybug to feed on aphids, whiteflies, scales, spider mites, and mealybugs.

    If you leave food outside, you might attract a few neighborhood cats as well that will inadvertently help you get rid of any rats or mice that might be bothering you. Always opt to introduce an animal’s natural predator than to use toxic chemicals to eliminate vermin from your backyard. Nature has efficient cleaning mechanisms of its own; why not tap into them.

    As you have seen just from the cleaning methods listed above, it is possible to efficiently eco-clean your outdoor living space. What is more, this cleaning method actually costs less because it relies on homemade cleaners and some help from Mother Nature in the form of useful animals. Add to the equation affordable help from professional cleaners at least once a year and you get the perfect recipe for hacking the secret to a clean garden space.


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