Five Features All Phones Should Have When Making Conference Calls


    Phones in your office must have five basic features when you make conference calls. There are a few ways that you may make conference calls depending on how you manage your company. You can make conference calls in your office, in a conference room, or in the house. Plus, you need to make the experience good for all the people who call you or join the conference call.

    1. Easy Conference Buttons

    You need a conference call button on each phone that allows you to add people to the call. If you press the button, you can dial a new number that will ring, answer, and join the call. Every time you press the button, you can add another person to the call. When you need to do any more work to add people to the conference call, you will get frustrated. You do not want to frustrate the people who join your calls, and you do not want to accidentally drop the call while dialing another number.

    1. A Number To Join The Call

    The phones in your office should allow outside callers to join calls using the phone number for each phone. This means that you press the conference answer button when a caller is calling in. You can buzz in a caller in seconds, and there is no need to call them back.

    1. Hold Music

    When you are taking calls for a conference, you may need to put people on hold while you collect other members of the conference call. If this is the case, hold music must be played during the call. Conference call hold music helps callers know that they are still on the line. Plus, the music will keep your callers occupied before the call is answered.

    The hold music is especially important if your secretary or receptionist is transferring the call to another phone. If you are using a conference call station in a conference room, the phone system should let your callers know that they will be put on hold until the call is answered. The music will play until the call starts, and you can choose any type of music you would like to use. This is helpful when you do not want to bore people with the same hold music they hear when they call the power company.

    1. Muting

    You must be allowed to mute callers on the call if you do not want them to hear what was said. A massive office phone will show every line that is on the call, and you should have the option to quickly put these callers on mute without signaling that something is wrong. Plus, the callers need to have the option to mute as they normally would. If these callers need to handle an issue in their office, talk to someone, or remove private information from the call, they must be allowed to mute themselves.

    1. Call Recording

    You should find a conference call phone that will record the calls for you. It is hard to hear all the voices in the call if you are using an outside recording device. A modern office phone has a record button that will save the call to the cloud. You can find these calls because they are often marked with the date and the number of the phone that was used.

    Call recording helps your group remember all the information from the call, and you must use conference call recording if this call has substituted for a board meeting, manager meeting, or investor meeting. Plus, you may need to record conference calls as part of your compliance with federal regulations.


    The conference calls that you make at work must be easy to start, easy to record, and easy to manage. You can get a phone system that does all the things listed above. These phone systems help you add callers to each call in seconds, and the system helps you mute callers who do not need to hear certain parts of the call. You can add anyone who has called in, and you should add hold music to the system so that your callers are not bored while they wait for the call to begin.


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