How to Become More Present in Everyday Life

    Many of us would like to become more present in our everyday lives. That way we can enjoy every little moment more, and we have more to give to ourselves and others. But how can we do this in a concrete way rather than an abstract way? Let’s discover that here!

    Presence is something a lot of us want to achieve, but not all of us know what it actually means. It can sound a bit abstract and even fluffy. Some people actually prefer to avoid such terms, because they see it as a scam. But if you know how to apply presence in a concrete way, it can actually make you a lot more peaceful in your everyday life.

    Presence – let’s find out what it means

    “Presence” can seem like a buzzword, especially in more spiritual environments, so let us find out what it actually means. In mindfulness it is a very important term, and here you can be guided to learn how to achieve it. It can include being mindful about your physical presence as well as your thoughts and feelings.

    Watching without changing or judging

    Here “presence” will mean that you observe sensations in your mind and body rather than reacting to them. In that sense, it can be described as a way to watch what happens without judging it or trying to change it. That can be very helpful if you tend to be very hard on yourself or if you are dealing with anxiety, stress or depression.

    Use your senses to become present

    A good way to become more present in your everyday life can be to be mindful about what you are sensing. Feel the sense of breathing and the sensations in your body – without judging it, reacting to it or trying to change it. Sense the ground beneath your feet and the air around you, not as an abstract thing, but as a real phenomenon.

    Enjoy your sensuality

    To enjoy your own sensuality can also be an effective way to become more present – read more here if you want tips and tricks on how to do it. Sensuality can help you to let go of your thoughts for a little while and feel your body’s liveliness. So why not enjoy it?

    However, sensuality does not necessarily have to be a sexual thing. It can be as simple as fully experiencing the water when you wash your hands. Instead of thinking about events that happened in the past or might happen in the future, you can give all of your attention to what you are doing right now. 

    Get into the present moment

    Ask yourself how the water is feeling against your hands – is it hot? Cold? Focus on the movement of your hands while washing them. That helps you to get into the present moment and let go of abstract and blurry thoughts. 

    It might sound a bit silly, but it can actually do some good for your mental (and even physical) health. When you are focused on what’s happening here and now – without being judgmental about it or wanting it to be better – everyday life gets much simpler and easier. Try it out!

    Main Photo by furkanfdemir.


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