How MikeTheCompass Can Help You Save Money On Sneakers Through His YouTube Channel

    Sneakers are one of the most popular fashion statements in the world. You can find celebrities like Jay Z, Ed Sheran, Wiz Khalifa, Kendall Jenner, and many others rocking their casual look with sneakers. Popular celebrity sneakers such as Adidas Original, Veja Wata, Gucci Ace, and the Nike Air Max are some of the most popular sneakers. These brands are not only worn by celebrities but also by some business leaders and top-tech CEOs such as Mark Zuckerberg. 

    Due to the popularity and demand, quality sneakers can fetch a hefty price. If you want the show-stopping, traffic causing kinds of sneakers, then you might have to pay more than $100. A majority of sneaker lovers have been short-changed by vendors and online platforms that sell fakes. It was because of this issue that Mike The Compass decided to start his YouTube channel known as A Sneaker Life

    About MikeTheCompass

    Mike The Compass is a famous American YouTuber. He owns a highly influential sneaker channel (A Sneaker Life), and another affiliate marketing business known as Deals Under Cost LLC. Mike started reviewing sneakers on his YouTube channel in 2013. He managed to create a large following through consistency, discipline, and high-quality content. In 2016, one of his videos titled “How To Afford Sneakers” went viral, and catapulted the channel to fame. Currently, he has a subscriber list of 540,954, and his videos have over 59 million views. Mike’s Deals Under Cost business has over 117,000 followers on Twitter. This entrepreneur also has a vlog channel with over 150K subscribers, over 100k Instagram followers, plus 24K followers on Twitter. 

    Mike’s actual name is Michael J. Mitchell. Yet his stage name Mike The Compass is very popular because he plays the role of a compass by pointing the direction of where customers can get the best deals for original sneakers. 

    Mike focuses on helping consumers find the best deals online for Tech, Sneakers, Apparel, and other lifestyle goods. Through his YouTube channel, he helps his audience get the best deals for sneakers. At times he hosts giveaways and has uploaded videos that cover a range of topics that include how to best protect sneakers from wearing out. He also gives a guideline to his audience on how to tell if a site is selling real sneakers or fake ones. 

    Mike has built a reputation as the go-to guy for product reviews, especially in the sneaker niche. Starting out was challenging as he had a difficult time balancing school work and creating video content. However, he managed to overcome that hurdle by learning to live by a routine. Mike has become an inspiration to so many sneaker lovers all over the world. The fact that he has never worked for anyone but himself and that he has built his businesses from scratch is proof that consistency and discipline are crucial for success. 

    Mike encourages anyone starting out on YouTube to be resilient. He states that starting out is the hardest part. But if you are consistent with your content by frequently uploading high-quality videos, then you can make it as well on YouTube.


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