Why Your Kitty Will Love CBD Cat Treats

    Our little furry feline may be the pickiest eater in every home. From wet food to dry food, and the eating-only-the-center rule, it makes it hard to find the right treats for them, especially something beneficial and healthy. According to this site, there are several types of food a cat may fancy. It is important to make sure they get the right amount of nutrition in whichever type of food your cat eats.

    Cannabidiol has been subjected to many studies over the years, and it even includes cat treats. Studies show that felines can also use CBD oil and other products when ill, but beyond that can also take advantage of the health benefits. From an improvement in their immune system to a shiny fur coat, here are some reasons why your cat will love Cannabidiol cat treats.

    How Does CBD Work In My Cat?

    All mammals in the animal kingdom have a specific system in their bodies to utilize cannabinoids. This is called the ECS, or the Endocannabinoid System. Your cat also has its own receptors that await the phytocannabinoids found in CBD treats.

    When your pet ingests the treats, the phytocannabinoids get metabolized and ultimately interact with the body’s receptors, namely CB1 and CB2. CB1 is found within the nervous system and CB2 is in charge of the peripheral system. 

    CB1 stimulates desired effects, like serotonin secretion for mood balance and increased appetite. CB2 manages pain relief found in muscles and joints when stimulated.

    Cannabidiol brings about these effects while its sister compound, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may cause the opposite. THC is another compound from the cannabis genus that causes one to get high. If ingested by your cat, it may bring life-threatening harm or worse, death. This is a major reason why CBD treats for cats are non-dairy, gluten-free, and have absolutely 0% THC content. Otherwise, not only will it pose a mortal danger to your cat, but it will be very difficult to eliminate once metabolized.

    Cannabidiol cannot cause an overdose. As of today, there had been no studies about its toxicity, but there is no reason to use more. According to its chemical compound and the way it interacts with the ECS, using more will only lessen the effect. Companies often have prescribed amounts to give to your cats, which may depend on their weight, or how many treats you offer.

    It Helps In Arthritis And Joint Pain

    Arthritis in felines causes severe pain that may lead to your cat being immobile and weak. As an owner, you would do anything to relieve the pain, like seeking professional help, or trying medications. But cats by nature are reclusive when sick, so it is difficult for owners to visit a vet unless their situation becomes worse. 

    Cannabidiol is found to have anti-inflammatory properties that help in aiding with pain management. Like Anandamide, an endocannabinoid responsible for blocking the signal of pain receptors, Cannabidiol does the same thing but comes with longer effects. Read more about Anandamide: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anandamide along with its effects and actions. Because Cannabidiol has a longer duration and is non-toxic to cats unlike THC, it is the standard choice to put inside oils and treats.

    It Can Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

    Like humans, our feline friends also suffer from stress and anxiety. Common signs of this would be aggressive behavior, constant meowing, prowling incessantly, and a high-alert disposition. A change of environment, abuse, separation from their owner, and sudden sharp noises such as firecrackers and fireworks may be causing this anxious behavior.

    Because this substance has potent anti-anxiety properties, ingesting Cannabidiol will most likely calm your cat down, and even make it drowsy. It helps regulate your pet’s moods and neurological activity, thus causing a plunge in stress levels. Not only that, but it also triggers the release of serotonin, helping them maintain a good temperament and resume normal behaviors.

    It Can Increase Their Appetite and Treat Digestive Disorders

    Our pets need to have healthy eating habits, especially cats. As they are mostly finicky eaters, it is difficult to give them a diet that reaches all their nutritional needs. Not to mention some cats that are often let out have diets that cannot be controlled. They may be eating rodents and other unknowns that can cause major or minor illnesses.

    Cannabidiol is responsible for stimulating the part of their brain that regulates appetite. When a cat refuses to eat, it just plainly means there is something wrong with them. Vets have explained it may simply be a sudden change of feeding time, or something much more serious.

    Additionally, it was found that this product can greatly help those with IBD (Inflammatory bowel syndrome). With IBD, cats may vomit, lose weight, and have severe diarrhea. The sad part is this disease is painfully common in felines. Cannabidiol can help with vomiting, and inhibit the secretion of gastric juices to help relieve pain.

    CBD May Be Able to Minimize Cancer

    There are several studies with Cannabidiol as the subject for experimentation. One study was tried for a patient with cancer. It was seen that CBD was able to minimize tumor size and eliminate some as well. Both the hemp plant and marijuana were studied to lessen the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting. This may also apply to our pets.

    In Choosing CBD

    We only want the best for our cats, either they are healthy or feeling unwell, and buying Cannabidiol may cost you a pretty penny. But given that many studies have been done to prove Cannabidiol an effective way of treating illnesses and imparting health benefits, it is surely worth a shot.


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