Omar Wala Is Not Just Another Successful Realtor

    Yes, there are many people who have scripted massive success stories in the real estate field. But their stories most have been inward because it mostly revolves around their successes and the way they have built a fortune for them. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. We will be talking about a legend in the making called Omar Wala. Yes, the phrase legend-in-the-making has been used carefully because there are many things that are unique and awesome about Omar Wala. Whether it is his stunning success story in the real estate industry or the principles and morals that are so close to his heart, it is quite obvious that Omar is not somebody who can be just wished away. His story is worth sharing because he has done many things that not many have been able to emulate so far. 

    Not The Best of Childhood

    Childhood is the best part in any human being’s life. However, when we look back and peep into the past of Omar Wala there is nothing happy about it. He was born to a family that came from a lower economic class. He spent a significant part of his life in the eastern suburbs of New York. Large parts of this place are known for their abject poverty, crime, prostitution and other such dark aspects of life. However, it is to the credit of Omar that he swam through all the odds to be what he is today. There are many reasons for this and his early education in a Christian Missionary School had a great impact. He learned the best lessons about morality, family values, honesty integrity and the benefits of hard work. 

    He Built His Empire Brick By Brick

    The good thing about Omar Wala is that he realized early in his life that if he wanted to help somebody he should be in a position to do so financially. Hence he started building his real estate business brick by brick. It was not an easy journey and he had to go through many ups and downs. However, he stuck to his task and today he is worth $5 million. But it would be wrong to judge him by the net worth he has. In the process of creating this net worth, he has helped many lower-income groups of people to live the dream of owning their own house. 

    Huge Housing Projects on The Anvil

    The success of Omar Wala can be considered unique and different because of the scale of his dreams and the way in which he has lived his dreams. For example, he has completed a housing project that has given homes to 1000 people belonging to the lower-income group. Apart from providing modern amenities in these houses, he also has taken care of their extra-curricular needs. This complex has a retail space of almost 7,500 square feet and also commercial space of almost 35,000 square feet. This is just one of the many projects. The new ones that are coming up are equally impressive and big. There are enough reasons to believe that over the next few years and decades, he would have set new benchmarks as a successful real estate businessman. Further, he also would have raised the bar high for all those aspiring to build affordable homes for the vast sections of less privileged groups of society.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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