5 Reasons to Use Digital Asset Management

    Digital Asset Management, otherwise known as DAM, is a software that manages your digital assets. Essentially, it’s a system that stores and shares files, keeping them all in one safe place. DAM frees up business storage space and doesn’t rely on expensive or clunky hardware, making life much easier for you. 

    DAM is becoming increasingly popular among businesses because of the many benefits. Find out more if you’re thinking of making the switch. Still not sure? Check out the following 5 reasons to use DAM. 


    First and foremost, DAM helps businesses to be more organized. Instead of storing masses of paperwork in filing cabinets, everything is kept in one safe and secure online location. There are plenty of opportunities to organize your digital assets in whatever way you prefer. Create different folders, use an intuitive filter structure and tailor your system to your business needs. Never again will you lose a scrap of paper or spend hours trailing through digital folders looking for an incorrectly named file. 

    Brand consistency 

    Brand consistency is key in sending a message and becoming memorable. No one remembers the brand with ten different slogans and a conflicting message. DAM helps with brand consistency as it can be the digital home of your brand guidelines. This means that all relevant employees can access the guidelines and check them over before responding to a customer or creating marketing material. The key to being consistent is ensuring that all team members can access relevant documents and check their messaging. DAM creates that opportunity. 


    Some business owners worry about storing data online because of hacking and data breaches. This is a serious concern and safeguarding is something to be taken very seriously. However, DAM allows you to create access and usage permissions so that only the right people can access the right documents. It’s a safe and secure system that protects your brand reputation. It’s much more reliable than a filing cabinet with a key or desktop folders with a flimsy password. 


    People are working from home more now than ever before. Employees are starting to expect flexible working to be part of the package, and Covid-19 has proved that people can be just as productive from the comfort of their own homes. DAM supports mobile working and enables file sharing from any location. An employee doesn’t need to be in the office, working from a specific computer to access a particular file. So, whether your employees are working from home, traveling to a meeting or on a business trip, they’ll always have what they need. 

    Technical ease

    DAM makes life easier for business owners as it lessens the burden on your IT system. The fast implementation frees up your IT resources and allows for a quick transition. Once DAM is up and running, it will free up storage space on your devices and, as a result, they will most likely run faster. Plus, a business that makes the most of technological advancements easily keeps up with its competitors and stays relevant. 


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