How Do You Make Protein Powder Taste Better?

    People all over the world buy protein powder for various reasons. Some hope to maintain their energy supplies, getting a chance to overcome the challenges they face in their everyday life with more ease. Others hope to build muscles by applying fewer efforts than extensive training usually requires. Losing weight is also a common motivator since all of us want to look good. But there is one thing that all people interested in protein powder struggle with — namely, its taste.

    Protein powder is a nutritional supplement that presents significant value for people, but as it usually happens with useful things, they don’t taste good. Based on surveys, many people are so revolted with protein after their first try that they become disappointed and give up on the idea entirely. Luckily, there are lots of ways in which you can make it acceptable or even delicious. 

    • Look for the best tasting protein powder that already involves all tasty components and flavors, such as sugar, cacao, chocolate, mint, etc.
    • Add sugary stuff yourself, such as sugar or honey.
    • Cook food with its help.
    • Replace water with another base, namely, milk or juice. 

    Solution #1: Base Replacement

    Inexperienced people who hope to use protein powder tend to do it in the standard and rather old-fashioned way. They mix it with water, thinking it’ll have a natural clear taste or that this is the only way to make sure they get the biggest amount of healthy and valuable proteins. That’s not true. You can easily choose some other base. The juice would be an excellent choice, especially one with a strong taste, like orange juice. Mix protein powder with it and you’ll be enjoying the taste of oranges while getting all required nutrients.

    Another way involves making a milkshake by replacing water with milk, plunging your protein powder inside and putting this mix in a blender. Milk has a soft and lingering flavor, so you’d be able to enjoy your cocktail. In a mixed state, the majority of negative flavors will disappear, drowned in milk.

    Solution #2: Cook Protein Powder Food

    Few people think about this interesting method, but it works excellently. Instead of consuming protein powder in its initial state, use it as one of the ingredients. For instance, make a cake or a cookie and replace flour with your powder. There are numerous recipes online, so pick one and create a real delicacy. You can enhance the flavor with additional things like icing, nuts, fruits, etc.

    Solution #3: Add Sugar or Honey

    If you feel lazy and have no desire to bother with cooking some complex dishes, just do the basics. Sugar is always a guaranteed way to make a flavor strong and delicious. Decide on the quantity yourself. Add a little bit, then add some more, and do it until the protein powder mixture starts tasting good. Honey is another excellent solution. Its heavy and thick taste will cover everything else to the point where you won’t even realize you’ve just consumed protein powder.  

    Solution #4: Look for Prepared Mixes

    Many manufacturers know the problem of an unpleasant taste of protein powder. To counter it, they release the powder in an already mixed state. All you have to do is pick the combination you enjoy most. You can find numerous great options via and check what people buy most often. No one stops you from trying several of them until you decide on your preferences. Such taste as double chocolate is considered the most beloved option of many.

    Enjoy Protein Powder in Several Ways at Once 

    No need to suffer for the benefit of health or fitness. Tolerating disgusting taste is no longer required. Find an option that works for you and enhance the taste of your protein powder. Do what you want with it and forget about any inconvenience.


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