How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Fix Your Gapped Teeth

    In this article, you will learn of various ways that gapped teeth can be fixed. Before we discuss the various dentistry options available, it is important to analyse the situation and choose the solution that suits you the most. In most cases, the gap is developed naturally over the course of time and can cause various food items to get stuck. Various infections can occur if these gaps are ignored, because food particles can remain stuck and rot over time. This is the reason most individuals choose cosmetic dentistry treatments to eradicate this gap with the use of various tools, depending on the type of treatment you are choosing.

    A natural smile can become crooked if there’s an excess amount of space between your teeth. Let’s look at the various options available to get rid of an unattractive gap.


    • Braces


    Braces are one of the most common fixes for gaps in teeth and can be applied without spending a fortune. Invisalign braces are often used in cases where the gap is less severe, giving you a perfect smile in a span of a few months. Before opting for braces, keep in mind that you will need to stick to a specific diet once they’re installed. This is to ensure that food particles don’t get stuck in the braces, causing infection in your mouth. Discuss the cost of braces and various associated precautions to avoid any future trouble.


    • Veneers and crowns


    These are also used to eradicate gaps in teeth and can be installed dependent on the condition of your mouth. In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are porcelain shells that remove the gap between your teeth. Crowns are also used for this purpose and are quite similar to veneers when it comes to functionality. Their cost can be justified by the fact that they provide you with a more natural look.

    • Dental implants

    These are generally used when you have a wide gap between your teeth. Dental implants use a replacement tooth that is placed into the gap and is held in place by having it inserted into the gum underneath. You can discuss with your dentist if a dental implant is suitable for you. Once you get a dental implant, various preventive measures are required in the following few weeks so that it remains in its place for a considerable amount of time.  

    • Dental bonding

    Dental bonding can be a more budget friendly option, but does not last as long as the other options mentioned above. With dental bonding, a resin is used to fix the broken part of the tooth and can also be used to get rid of a gap. The resin requires a few hours to dry, after which it looks as natural as your teeth. You need to keep in mind that dental bonding can’t compete with the natural strength of your teeth and can be chipped away if not taken care of.

    Conclusion: In light of the above discussion, you now have an idea of the various methods that can be used to fix the gap between your teeth. If you are residing in South Carolina, searching for “oral surgeon Aiken SC” can provide you with the list of surgeons in your area.

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