How a Working Mom is Taking on Coca Cola and Multi-Billion Beverage Industry

    New Theory Podcasts is happy to present Kim Johnston who is launching Aussie Cordial.

    Millennials hold the key to the beverage market, and Kim Johnston knows that. A working mom of 3 grown kids as well as a stable of both cats and dogs (rescues). She is launching Aussie Cordial here in the US as she is targeting Coca-Cola and other unhealthy brands. Although she does not have a large marketing budget, there is already interest in the product as she is getting her message the best way she can. By reaching out to anyone who will listen, and people are taking note. She is tenacious as she reached herself to New Theory – not through a publicist. I had the pleasure of chatting with on the phone and over email.

    Therefore we invited her on the growing New Theory Podcast:

    Check out the Aussie Cordial site:


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