Broken Soul – Lost As Alice

    As our ongoing poetry series, Broken Soul by Lost As Alice.

    Broken Soul

    We read the words of other 

    poets because we want to 

    know that we aren’t the 

    only ones who are broken 

    we cling to the past because 

    its easier to remember what 

    you wish you would rather 

    forget broken souls care too 

    much, overthink, cry in the 

    dark, love too much and we 

    think just because we are 

    broken that we deserve less 

    but in reality we are strong 

    because we are still here 

    fighting through the pain 

    everyday you my dear are 

    beautifully broken now step 

    out of the dark and let the 

    light shine through your 

    broken pieces that you hid 

    from the world every part of 

    you is and will always be 


    ~Nicole Marie 


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