Hot n Saucy Review

    Hot and saucy is a black owned business that makes delicious hot sauces for all of the spicy lovers out there! They have so many varieties to choose from, you can pick from different flavors, and spice levels. I got the Heat Your Veggies Pack. This pack comes with the following flavors: Beets, Sweet Potatoes, and collards. 

    Paired with fiery peppers like Fresnos, Habaneros and Ghost Peppers, these hot sauce flavors are unlike anything you have ever tried before.Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Well guess what? They are really tasty! What I love the most about these hot sauces is that they are so rich in flavor and not like your regular boring hot sauces. They go perfect with any meal, if you want to add the flavor or simply just want some hot sauce but with the delicious veggie flavors. 

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    • Joselin Estevez

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