Fall Beauty Must Haves

    Mounia Clean hair products is an amazing hair care system that will transform your hair! When you buy this product you also get a free scalp massager that is a game changer for your hair routine. Their proprietary repair technology is featured in every one of their products. By combining the ancient Moroccan hair care techniques with modern technology, they created the best science-backed hair care system on the market. Free of parabens, sulfates, paraffin, phthalates, and synthetic dyes. They are cruelty-free, vegan, color-safe and made from organic ingredients…the way clean hair care should be.

    I tried this system for a month and oh boy let me tell you, it really improved the condition of my hair. I recently dyed my hair blonde so as you might know the process of this is very damaging and can really take a toll on your hair. After using this hair system for 2 weeks I saw a major improvement, if you are looking for the perfect hair products to have beautiful healthy hair then this is it!

    The system includes:

    • “Two Drop” Serum(0.3 fl/oz)
    • Rinse(11.5 oz)
    • Condition(11.5 oz)

    If you are interested in Mounia Clean Hair products click here: 


    Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish Kids is a Non-Toxic Water-Based Polish that comes in Dozens of Vibrant Shades. If you are looking for some really cute nail polishes for your daughter that are safe and fun then Piggy Paint nail polish is perfect for you. My daughter and I love playing nail salon games with my daughter. It is such a cute fun way to bond with your kid, and also a very creative way to entertain your kid! It also comes with some really cute stickers that make all of this even more fun. We got the Neon box set. It is so cute and fun for the summer. It is also very easy to remove so my daughter can pick any color for her different outfits. 

    Directions for Nail Polish:

    • Wash hands with soap and water 
    • Apply 2 -3 thin coats of Piggy Paint
    • Air dry 60 seconds

    Optional for best wear:

    • Blow-dry polished nails for 1 minute with a hairdryer set on warm heat/low blower setting.
    • Use Piggy Paint Basecoat for extended wear and Topcoat for added shine.

    To view more about Piggy Paint Nail Polish click here: https://piggypaint.com

    Rock the locks is a Natural Hair Products for kids without the harsh chemicals.  The total Softie Coconut Oil leave in conditioner is my go to conditioner for my daughters hair. It is the best leave in conditioner I have tried for her hair. She has wavy/curly hair. It seriously makes hair so soft and beautiful. What I love the most is that it helps detangle her hair, we all know how painful and not fun tangled hair can be on your kid. I also got the shake and shimmer glitter spray. I love this spray!!! We like using it on special occasions so her hair is shiny and bouncy. All their products are amazing, and smell delicious! 

    To view more about Rock the locks click here: https://rockthelocks.com


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