Hollywood ‘Nose’ Best: The Most Distinctive Facial Feature

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but Hollywood happens to have some strict standards of beauty. It is not surprising actors and actresses have to work hard (and shell out fortunes) to achieve and maintain these standards. In the midst of cookie-cutter physiques, uncannily similar pouts, and brows that look like they have emerged from the assembly line, some actors and actresses stand out with their distinct noses. Their noses defy the conventional ideals of beauty, but nonetheless the wearers do not seem bothered.

    Willem Dafoe

    (Image courtesy Stemoc on Wikipedia via CC BY 3.0 license)

    Two-time Academy Award-nominee Willem Dafoe has played both good guys and bad guys on screen. He is undoubtedly talented, but his looks too give him the believability that his roles require—from the compassionate Sergeant Elias in Platoon to the evil Barillo in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. His other notable films include American Psycho, Shadow of the Vampire, Body of Evidence, Triumph of the Spirit, Affliction, and The Last Temptation of Christ. Dafoe is good-looking but in a craggy sort of way. His nose is not perfect­­ according to Hollywood standards, but it nonetheless gives his face a distinctiveness that is attractive.

    The bearers of the most distinctive noses in Hollywood have successful careers. They have not let their noses get in the way of their careers. There is no dearth of screen Gods and Goddesses in tinsel town who embody the accepted standards of beauty. But it is heartening to note that distinct noses too turn heads and many out there find beauty in unconventionality.

    Meryl Streep 

    Would you believe that Meryl Strep, one of the greatest actresses of all time with three Academy Awards and 19 nominations, was once taunted for her slightly crooked nose? The actress has a deviated septum.

    Streep is famous for her roles in films like Kramer vs. Kramer, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Out of Africa, The Bridges of Madison County, Julie & Julia, Devil Wears Prada, Sophie’s Choice, and The Iron Lady. She was also won eight Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, five New York Film Critics Circle Awards, five Grammy nominations, and two BAFTA and Australian Film Institute awards.

    (Image courtesy Nesnad on Wikipedia)

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    Barbra Streisand 

    Barbra Streisand has two Academy Awards for acting and composing, ten Grammys, five Emmys, eleven Golden Globes, a Tony, and an American Film Institute Award. A singer, songwriter, actress, and director, Streisand has won just about every major award in the entertainment industry in multiple disciplines.

    Her notable films are The Owl and the Pussycat, A Star is Born, The Way We Are, Funny Girl, and Yentl. She is one of the best-selling music artists of all time with more than 50 Gold albums, 31 Platinum albums, and 14 Multi-Platinum albums.

    And to think that she was once rejected by casting directors for being ugly! Obviously some people squarely missed the beauty, strength, and grace of her striking and distinctive beak-like nose.

    (Image courtesy Light show on Wikipedia via Public Domain license)

    Lea Michele 

    Actress and singer Lea Michele is said to have a “strong” nose, which is a polite Hollywood way of saying that her nose is too big for her face. But she has continued to snub critics with her powerful performances. She is most famous as Rachel Berry of Glee, a popular Fox television series, a role for which she has received a Satellite Award, several People’s Choice Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Her role has also earned her a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

    Lea Michele’s debut album Louder was a billboard topper and sold 62,000 copies just in the first week.

    (Image courtesy Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons)

    Owen Wilson

    It is a wonder that something broken could be so attractive. Owen Wilson’s nose is. He has broken it twice—once apparently during a scuffle and then while playing football.

    He is best known for his roles in films like Meet the Parents, Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Nights, Marley & Me, Zoolander, Wedding Crashers, Behind Enemy Lines, the various installments of the Night at the Museum series, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wilson is a multi-talented star. He is a voice-over artist and a screenwriter. He co-wrote the screenplay for The Royal Tenenbaums, which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars.

    (Image courtesy Georges Biard on Wikimedia Commons)

    Adrien Brody

    Adrien Brody’s nose is large, and it dwarfs his other facial features. It has endured a lot—Brody has broken it three times while doing his own stunts—that probably explains its distinctive shape. But many say that it was his nose that landed him his Oscar-winning role of the Jewish-Polish pianist in The Pianist. He is the youngest actor to win the Academy Award for the Best Actor. His other notable films include Bullet, the critically-acclaimed Restaurant, The Thin Red Line, Summer of Sam, The Village, the box-office busting Dragon Blade and King Kong, and the Academy Award-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel and Midnight in Paris.

    Adrien Brody has appeared in Diet Coke and Schweppes commercials and also walked the ramp for Prada.

    (Image courtesy Beao on Wikipedia)


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