Analysis on 2016 Primary Presidential Elections [Video]

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    According to Dr. Bart Rossi, political psychologist, Hillary Clinton is going to be the 2016 presidential winner as she projects herself as a stronger candidate than the rest. He believes that she knows how to differentiate herself from Trump throughout the current media frenzy. Also, he feels as though Hillary has touched more than just the heart of the public, but their brains. She presents how she can get specific and targets people to understand what she can do. However, regardless of her appealing personality, he feels that Hillary needs to come up with an effective tax plan so that the Republicans can also be happy and stop “the wealth only going to the wealthy” as Bernie Sanders had stated. In addition. Dr. Bart Rossi thinks that Ted Cruz has helped Donald Trump. Cruz had criticized the GOP, saying the system is rigged, the rules are lousy, and because of this, Trump was able to make him look bad because it seems as though Cruz is implying that someone should come, change the rules, and then begin presidency. Trump can also use these flaws as his platform and implement the authoritative personality that he likes to portray. He has even imprinted his brand on the GOP, so they need to embrace him or their credibility will be at risk, which brings them into a conflict now after what has happened.

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