Here’s Why CBD Can Help in Clearing Brain Fog!

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    To live an abundant life, it is important to have a calm and clear mind. To have a clear mind, you need to bring it into balance. However, in a life full of pressure and speed, it is almost impossible to keep your mind in the right space all the time. While meditation helps quite a lot in keeping the head calm and brain clear, CBD is another natural way to help clear that consistent brain fog. 

    We all know the therapeutic abilities of CBD. This miraculous compound has successfully relieved people from recurring anxiety, long-term depression, and chronic pains, amongst other problems. Most of these problems arise from the brain, so why can’t CBD help with brain fog? Well, anecdotally speaking, it has and should.

    While there is limited study and research in proving CBD’s capability in clearing brain fog, in this article, we shall anatomize the how and why regarding CBD’s power in dealing with brain fog. 

    What is brain fog?

    To begin with, brain fog is not a health condition. It is simply the result of a fast=paced life and unhealthy lifestyle. Our bodies need rest from time-to-time, and most of us fail to take care of it. Thus, it results in feelings of tiredness, being off, numbness, absent-mindedness, distracted, etc. Brain fog reduces your ability to focus on a task. Basically, it is a feeling of being disconnected with yourself and thus, the world. 

    The main cause of brain fog is generally hormone imbalance. Also, when you do tasks that deplete your energy, it slowly results in brain fog.

    Your energy depletes when you don’t get enough sleep, eat unhealthy food, avoid exercise, take a lot of medicines, etc. Additionally, if you suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental problems, your chances of having mental fog will be high. 

    Other problems related with brain fog include slow memory, poor concentration, Insomnia, anxiety, problem retaining information, disorganized thoughts, headaches, etc. 

    How can CBD help in clearing brain fog?

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is the natural product of the cannabis plant. It is known for healing people from various problems, and most of them have to do with mental and emotional causes. Thus, it can be said that CBD has the potential to treat brain fog. 

    With only traces of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and helps them achieve homeostasis, which can effectively treat brain fog as well. These receptors are primarily responsible for controlling body functions, such as memory, pain sensations, cognitive ability, mood, awareness, etc. No wonder CBD can successfully treat this brain fog condition in humans. 

    To support the above argument, let’s go through this 2018 study published by Surgical Neurology International. The study learned about three CBD behaviours related to treatment of brain fog. The following assertions were quoted after the completion of the study-

    • “CBD appears to stimulate synaptic plasticity and facilitates neurogenesis that may explain its positive effects on attenuating psychotic, anxiety, and depressive behaviours.”
    • “CBD research in animal models and humans has shown numerous therapeutic properties for brain function and protection … Broadly, CBD has demonstrated anxiolytic, antidepressant, neuroprotective anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory benefits.”
    • “CBD increases brain adenosine levels by reducing adenosine reuptake. Increased adenosine is associated with neuroprotection and decreased inflammation after brain trauma. CBD is also known to exert vascular effects, producing vasodilation as well as hypotension that may hold promise as a protectant against cerebrovascular damage associated with stroke.”

    However, there is limited study and research on CBD’s potential in treating the problem. Even so, people across the world are using it as a supplement for their mental and emotional care. 

    Reasons why CBD can naturally treat brain fog?

    You can rely on traditional medicine for years in the hope of getting better. It is a good thing but that shouldn’t mean you must not give an alternative treatment method a chance. Yes, if not as medication, CBD can be used as a supplement, and it doesn’t have any side effects for it is absolutely natural in existence!

    Still not convinced? Well, here are a few reasons why CBD can naturally treat mental fog, just like it relieves people from other mental and emotional problems.

    CBD improves neuroprotection: Researches show that brain fog can be caused by many neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s diseases. CBD is known to improve functions of the brain by repairing its cells from time-to-time. It also improves cognitive brain functions which results in clarity of mind. 

    CBD reduces anxiety, stress, and depression: It is no secret that CBD is primarily used by people who suffer from stress and anxiety, even depression. Most of them have reported that they feel at ease after consuming CBD. They do not feel sleepy or drowsy, but plain simple amazing! If it can relieve people from such mental conditions, there is no way that CBD cannot have a positive role to play in the treatment of brain fog. If you want to get the cbd oil for anxiety, you can visit

    CBD is great for insomnia: If you aren’t able to sleep well, then you will feel fatigue all through the days. Brain fog is also caused by lack of sleep and fatigue. Thus, to have a healthy brain, it is so important to have a good sleeping schedule. If you are suffering from insomnia, chances are that your mind isn’t calm and thus, there will be no clarity. To remove the same, CBD accelerates your sleep and keeps insomnia at bay. Once you sleep better, you will have less brain fog. 

    Apart from CBD, there are some other ways to remove brain fog. These are listed below-

    • Exercise to increase focus 
    • Yoga 
    • Breathing techniques
    • Work out 
    • Dance
    • Writing 
    • Meditation
    • Laughter 

    Keep trying these tips, along with a daily dosage of CBD, and soon, you will get rid of brain fog. 


    When you buy your first CBD product, make sure that you get it from a reputable seller and have less than 0.3% or nil amount of THC. Also, make sure that the company has a certificate of analysis (COA) and is third-party lab tested. Finally, even if you have doubts about starting this alternative treatment, you can consult your medical practitioner about the same. In any case, CBD is natural in occurrence and thus, it will not cause any side-effects on your body. So, be calm and take it as a supplement, like one of those vitamins! Eventually, you will understand why the world is going crazy after this magical compound. 


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