Best Mattresses for People with Sciatica pain

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    Sciatica pain is one of the primary reasons for people being unable to sleep peacefully at night or even walk comfortably during the day. While medicines may reduce its painful effects, what would help in this situation, is a better sleeping posture and the use of the best mattress for Sciatica.  

    How the use of an improper mattress may alleviate the pain?

    Many people use their mattresses for more than 10 years (as per a study conducted by Mattressify), without realizing that the mattress may have lost its firmness and the support it gives to their spine.

    It may also develop lumps that don’t allow your body to properly align with your spine, resulting in an uncomfortable sleeping position. The frequent tossing and turning in bed, due to an uncomfortable mattress, along with improper alignment is what aggravates the pain one feels due to sciatica.

    Top factors to consider while selecting a mattress suitable for Sciatica

    Given the fact that proper support to the spine and ensuring it is properly aligned with your body helps relieve the pain, caused by Sciatica, one needs to carefully research the mattresses available in the market and then select one that meets their specific requirement.

    Some of the factors that you should consider while selecting the best mattress for Sciatica are;

    • The support it offers to your spine

    All things being equal, this is the main factor that should be considered while selecting a mattress, if you suffer from sciatica pain. The mattress should be designed to give the maximum support to your spine and ensure it maintains its natural curve.

    Some manufacturers also ensure that the mattress stays firm and comfortable in the areas around the lower back so that the sciatica nerves don’t get compressed due to the mattress sagging in those areas.

    • The durability of the mattress

    It would not make sense to buy a mattress that will start sagging and forming lumps within, a few months of purchasing it, as that would cause the sciatica pain to start recurring again. Ideally, look for a brand that offers a long term guarantee on their mattress and is made of highly durable materials. 

    • The shape of the mattress

    It should be designed to properly align with your spinal cord and retain the same shape whenever you sleep on it, to avoid the discomfort from occurring again. Memory foam mattresses are ideal in such situations since they retain the original shape of the mattress.

    • The firmness of the mattress

    Look for a mattress that stays firm all around including the edges and does not sink in places, since many of us tend to change our sleeping positions during the night and even move from one corner to another. 

    A mattress that is firm in design, will offer complete support to your back and spine, no matter where or how you sleep on it.

    The different types of materials used to make Sciatica mattresses

    Just as the shape and design of a mattress matter greatly while selecting the best mattress for people suffering from Sciatica pain, so does the material used in constructing them. The materials used in constructing a mattress differ in their texture, which greatly affects how it may perform and how comfortable and beneficial it may be to you. 

    While some may be more comfortable to sleep on, others could help your body feel a bit cooler while sleeping, letting you have a night of uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. Some of the common materials that manufacturers use to make Sciatica mattresses are: 

    Memory Foam: These are the mattresses created from viscoelastic foam and are well known for their shape-retaining properties. They are one of the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on especially for those suffering from Sciatica as the foam easily adapts to the body’s natural contours to give firm support to the spinal cord and lower back.

    These mattresses also don’t sag after using them over a while, due to their shape-retaining properties, which makes them ideal for daily use. Some manufacturers also infuse these mattresses with cooling gel, so that they absorb the heat from your body to give you a comfortable sleeping experience at night.

    Latex Mattresses: Similar to memory foam mattresses in structure and design, these mattresses are usually made of natural or synthetic latex. These mattresses too easily adjust to the shape of the body, to give the spine the necessary support it needs for alleviating the pain of Sciatica sufferers. 

    They also help relieve the body’s stress points while sleeping and are much cooler to sleep on as compared to memory foam mattresses. Their natural buoyancy helps the body get proper support while sleeping. 

    Innerspring mattresses: These mattresses are coil-based and usually filled with foam or fiber. While these mattresses are comfortable to sleep on and help relieve the pain caused by sciatica, not everyone may find them good to sleep on due to the noise these mattresses make while changing sides on them. 

    Top 3 Mattresses for Sciatica 2020

    • Memory Foam Mattress with Gel Layer by Vibe

    A high-quality mattress that has been constructed with good quality memory foam for a comfortable sleep and relief from sciatica pain. The memory foam used in the mattress, contours as per your body shape to give it the maximum support and also retains its original shape easily. 

    This mattress easily supports the weight of your body as it has a 7″ base of high-density foam. The 2” top layer is infused with cooling gel, to keep your body cool and comfortable for an uninterrupted sleep at night. 


    • High-quality mattress, suitable for all adjustable beds
    • The latest technology memory foam used in the top layer
    • No more disturbances at night due to your body heating 


    • Needs two people for installation
    • 9” Multi-Layer Memory Foam Mattress by Olee

    If you are looking for a mattress to help reduce your sciatica pain, then this multi-layer mattress with memory foam is a good choice. It has CertiPUR-US certification for quality and durability, which makes it a mattress you can trust and buy. 

    The three very different layers of this mattress are designed for maximum support, to your body and help keep your spine properly aligned to reduce sciatica pain. The infused gel helps this mattress keep you cool and comfortable, as excess heat from your body will often interrupt your night’s sleep. 


    • Cooling gel top layer to keep your body cool and comfortable
    • Multilayers make this matters stable and durable for many years
    • Has memory foam which contours as per your body’s shape


    • Not a hybrid design
    • Queen Size Hybrid Technology Mattress by Sweet Night

    A dual-technology mattress that has the best features of both memory foam and coil spring mattresses for your comfort and to provide optimum support to your back, which helps in reducing the effects of back pain related to sciatica. 

    The coil springs are also beneficial for not disturbing your partner’s sleep as they have motion isolating properties. With more than 700 independently wrapped coils, you can be sure that this mattress will give your body the support and comfort it requires for many years to come. 


    • Hybrid Technology Mattress
    • Coils give the mattress maximum flexibility and strength so that it does not sag down
    •  Adaptive top layer made of memory foam


    • No cooling gel

    Important tips for buying a mattress if you are suffering from Sciatica

    • As someone who is having Sciatica problems, it is important to get a good night’s sleep since you may usually be facing pain in your lower back and leg throughout the day. This pain can be further aggravated if the mattress you are sleeping on is very uncomfortable and keeps pressing on the already compressed nerve points.
    • Most manufacturers offer a trial period for their mattresses, which range from 60 to 100 days, so do take up this offer and try the mattress for a couple of weeks before you take any decision on keeping or returning the mattress. 
    • Look for a mattress that has a cooling gel-infused in it, since our body tends to release heat at night, which makes us uncomfortable and is the reason for our frequently getting up from sleep at night and even turning and tossing in bed. A gel-infused mattress will draw the heat away from our body and give us a more relaxing sleep that will help us awake refreshed in the morning.
    • Compare the different models and even take the advice of people who are using similar mattresses if possible, especially from those who have sciatica problems, similar to yours. 


    Sciatica, being a very painful condition, needs a lot of care and relaxation to ease its suffering. A good mattress can help reduce the pain and also help you cope better with sciatica, while you are getting treated for the same. So, make sure that you select the best mattress for Sciatica.


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