5 Investment Strategies That Will Get Your Money to Work for You

    At one point, we’ve all wished we could go back to our early twenties when we didn’t have financial care in the world. All we had to do was pay rent and have fun with the rest of our income. What if I told you, “you can still get those days back?” No, I can’t turn you into a twenty-year-old, but what if your finances balanced out like those of a twenty-year-old? Imagine yourself with multiple streams of income, all your bills paid and still, enough left over to go on vacation; twice. No, it is not absurd; the right investment can have that effect on the finances of wise investors. Here is how to get started

    1. Buy and Hold

    The buy-and-hold investment strategy is an old investment strategy that has proven effective for investors. The name itself is suggestive of how it works; an investor buys stocks or any other investment and keeps it in your portfolio indefinitely. Ideally, investors keep these investments for about five years before selling the investment for profit. It is essential to factor in the inflation rate when calculating the potential return on investment.

    2. Income Investing

    Investors often settle on Income investment after analyzing many potential investment strategies. This strategy entails investing in investment vehicles that produce cash payouts. An excellent example of an income investment is dividend stocks and bonds. If you invest in income stocks, there is an opportunity to enjoy capital gains in addition to cash income. An added advantage is that income stocks are low risk.

    3. Dollar-Cost Averaging

    Dollar-cost averaging is the investment process of adding cash into your investment at regular intervals. The additional payments do not have to be a specific amount as long as you make them at regular intervals. It is also essential to keep making deposits regardless of the current market. If you are not sure about the next deposit, it will help if you seek the help of your investment expert before making any decisions.

    Dollar-cost investing is perfect for investment portfolio diversification. This strategy works to reduce your risk. Dollar-cost averaging also allows the investor to operate using a standard purchasing price, so you are not buying too high and losing value.

    4. Purchase the Index

    This investment strategy involves finding a stock index and buying an index fund based on it. There are many indexes in the market to choose from. Most will give you diverse, high-quality stock options to choose from. This investment approach can prove beneficial when coupled with an investment strategy like buying and holding. If you like low-risk investment strategies, then the purchase index is your best bet.

    5. Diversify Your Portfolio

    Keep your investments diverse to avoid getting yourself in an investment fix. It is always a bad idea to keep all your eggs in one basket. Ideally, you want to try your hand at multiple investment strategies while you can. Constant analysis is essential for picking off investment strategies that are not serving your investment purpose. If your schedule is too busy to keep analyzing your investments, you can enlist the help of an investment firm for up-to-date, informed decision-making.


    Choosing the right combination of investment strategies to utilize for your investment portfolio is vital for investment success. Investors are advised to match their financial goals with the investment strategy for better results. Investing is a complex process that requires time, research, and resources to achieve a modicum of positive results. The right investment strategy simplifies the investment process and improves your chances of achieving financial success.


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