HELLO! Your Obsession With Your Ex Is Exactly Why He Left You

    It’s been over a year.

    You claim to be so shattered that you’ll never love again.

    Sweetheart, it’s time to get over it.

    Relationships end. It’s part of growing up. As you sit around everyday continuously stalking him because you need to know what he’s doing with his life, do you realize that you’re wasting yours? You say that he hurt you so bad you can’t get over it. That he left you and was dating someone else a few weeks later.

    Thought- if he did that, why the f*ck do you want him back anyway?

    Have you thought about that? Have you thought about the fact that if he didn’t want you then, he’s probably not going to want you now.  Even if he did come back, it wouldn’t be real. You can’t let him go and maybe that’s why he left you. Your sick obsession was seen from a mile away and the dude knew if he didn’t run, he was never going to escape. If it really has been over a year and you’re still freaking out over his Snapchats, there’s something wrong. For real! You are hurting yourself, so stop saying he’s still hurting you. He probably doesn’t even care that you’re watching them, which should be reason enough as to why you need to just forget it.

    Oh, and delete him on Snapchat, you creep. Delete him on all the social media platforms. It’s not immature. It’s moving on. What’s immature is you ruining a girls night out because you ran into your ex’s friends and had a 20 minute conversation with them that resulted in you crying and bitching like a 15 year old school girl and needing to go home.

    News flash: Your friends are sick of it. They don’t want to hear how miserable your love life is. You’re young and beautiful, so stop your whining.

    Also, stop trying to figure out if he’s going to be places. If he is, great. If he isn’t, great. WHO CARES. He doesn’t belong to you anymore. You have no say in what he does, who he’s out with or whatever else you let upset you.

    You also need to stop bitching to people who are mutual. If you have friends that still see you both, you just look pathetic. You want to bitch about him moving on with his life while you, “still don’t understand”? The only thing these mutual friends are hearing is that you have some deep rooted issues and need to stop talking to them.

    If these mutual friends try talking to you about it, tell them politely that you don’t want to know. Whatever he does is not your business anymore and you don’t really care.

    SAY IT. Even if it’s a lie, just say it.

    If you are still hoping he comes back, do you think you’re helping your case by bitching and obsessing? If you’re acting like a little brat and he does come back, then he has just as many issues as you.

    We don’t always get our way in life. You didn’t have kids together or get married. You had a break up. Something everyone in this world has to go through at some point or another.

    You need to pull yourself together. You not only look like a fool but you’re turning off any potential suitors that could be coming your way. Guys are not stupid, they can sense unavailable and you have a damn glowing neon sign above your head screaming it.

    If you’re this much of a crazy person, you probably did this to yourself.

    Build and bridge and get over it, babe.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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