HAPPY HOUR: New Gin Promises to Fight Wrinkles While You Catch a Buzz!


    Bottle service, if you will.

    We all know that wine has many benefits, (THANKFULLY), but now there’s a hard liquor on the market that promises to improve your skin and fight wrinkles while you throw a few back.

    Can I get an Amen?!  *Throws away hyaluronic face mask*


    Suitably named, Anti-AGin, this London-born gin, is infused with collagen the protein that keeps skin young and wrinkle-free. And according to the brand marketing, “It’s the next best thing for people who want to stay young, but don’t want to give up alcohol.” Wait, is that really a thing? You have to give up alcohol to stay young? Does anybody young even drink gin? Is this all just a marketing ploy…I don’t know, but I’m still intrigued.

    Traditionally, gin is infused with juniper berries for flavor. In case you were wondering, juniper berries neither taste nor smell as delicious as they sound. It’s no wonder 007 preferred his martinis made with vodka. But hey, if it’ll fight wrinkles while making you warm and fuzzy, it’s worth a try. And let’s face it, who hasn’t swallowed something unpleasant before, for the greater good? I digress…

    Supposedly, the combination of anti-oxidants in the juniper berries and the addition of drinkable collagen works its anti-aging magic from the inside out. Anything that does double duty is a winner in my book. Unfortunately, Anti-AGin is only available in the UK, for now, and it’s around $50 a bottle. Until it becomes available across the pond, and I suddenly win the lottery, we’ll all have to acquire a taste for gin, or at least find something suitable to mix it with. Side note: tonic is not the answer – I repeat, tonic is not the answer. If you have never had a gin and tonic, here’s a quick review: It’s one of the bitterest things you’ve ever had in your life, and anyone who calls it refreshing must be from another planet or have no taste buds.


    Here’s the thing, collagen is what makes your skin smooth and wrinkle free, but there’s no actual proof that ingesting it improves collagen production. As you age, collagen production decreases, and without a fountain of youth, it’s just going to happen. Tons of supplements have sprung up on the market recently, claiming they contain collagen and biotin which can improve skin and make your nails and hair grow, but like all over-the-counter supplements, it’s simply speculation.

    Is it going to hurt you? No.

    Is it going to turn back the hands of time? No.

    Is going to help you age slower? Maybe.

    Why not embrace the maybe? In the end, you might help your skin, but you know, for sure, if you have enough gin, or in this case, Anti-AGin and juice, you’ll have a good night. Win, win!

    Alcohol and Anti-Aging Benefits? SOLD!


    Sadly, it’s not Friday yet, but it is 5 o’clock somewhere! Why not put gin in the rotation and try out one of these recipes which don’t sound half bad – actually, I’m planning on testing one out as soon as possible!

    • Cucumber Gin Lemonade: 3 oz fresh lemon juice; 3 oz fresh cucumber juice; 2 oz gin; 2 oz simple syrup; club soda
    • Gin Spritz: juice of 1 lime; 4-6 mint leaves; 1 tablespoon sugar; 1 shot gin; Prosecco or Champagne
    • Watermelon Gin Fizz: diced watermelon; 6 oz gin; 8 tbs lime juice; ginger ale; lime garnish

    What’s your favorite cocktail? Have you ever tried gin? If you love it what do you mix it with? Let us know!



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