Hair Extensions And What You Need To Know About Them

    Hair extensions are an excellent way to not only add length, but also body and volume to your hair. If you’d like to get a few extra inches for your bridal hairstyle – or if you’re simply curious to know what you’d look like with a hair full of life and volume. The hair extension complements your face, makeup, and formal dress, so it’s normal to put some emphasis on it on the big day. Do you already know what style you are going to use? If the wedding invitations have already been sent, what are you waiting for?

    Demand Maintenance

    It is not enough to apply them and enjoy a wonderful hairstyle for the rest of your life. Extensions are attached to your hair and usually, you need to adjust the cut and sometimes the color. Since they are natural hair, extensions can also suffer damage and aggression, either with a caught hairstyle or with the loose strands you usually use in your day-to-day! Therefore, it is also necessary that you limit the use of heat, that you use specific products for your hair type, and that you cut it regularly. After application, it is necessary to have your extensions maintained by the hairdresser every two or three months. 

    Permanent or Semi-permanent?

    There are many different types of extensions to choose from, so in the end, it all depends on your hair type, the look you want to achieve, and, of course, your budget! The biggest difference is between permanent extensions, which have to be applied by a specialist, and temporary ones – also called clip-in – which you can apply yourself at home!

    Can Get Expensive

    Human hair extensions are generally of high quality and promise greater durability and can be washed as regularly as you would with your natural hair. In addition to the high-quality raw material, you will always have to count on its application in the final budget, which may result in a value a little higher than what you expected. If you’re thinking about showing off a beautiful wedding hairstyle with loose hair on the big day, this is one of the main factors to take into account. a time-consuming method

    Washing and cutting is usually a quick process, but anything that involves color or other treatments can be quite time-consuming. Applying hair extensions takes at least two hours. Although the time varies depending on the amount and density of the hair, it is always a lengthy process – depending on the application technique you choose – and it is quite possible that you spend a whole morning or afternoon at the hairdressers.

    Take Into Account Your Routine

    Before you decide to apply extensions whether 18-inch hair or 20-inch hair keep in mind your daily life and your hair habits. Are you going to apply them just for the big day? Or can you imagine using extensions in the future for semi-pinned hairstyles? Do you get a lot of sun? How often do you wash your hair and use straighteners or curlers? This will help you decide which type of extensions is right for you, making them last longer and adapt to your routine! 

    Can Damage Hair

    It all depends on the type of extensions and the method used for application – those that are used more permanently can cause some damage in direct contact with your natural hair. Also, they naturally add some extra weight, which in the long run can make your hair thinner and more brittle. 

    If you are about to exchange wedding rings and you want your hair to be healthy and shiny, invest in repairing and moisturizing treatments! It’s true that extensions can completely renew your look, but it’s also important to think of them as an investment in your long-term beauty! From the moment you choose the wedding dress, you start to imagine the hairstyle that would favor your figure the most, and that’s where these assistants come in. If you’ve already thought about wedding favors, are you going to risk extensions to help you get the hairstyle of your dreams?

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