Gym Bag Essentials for Weightlifters


    If you’re a passionate weightlifter who simply can’t wait for another gym session, we’re sure that you know everything about particular exercises that make a powerful muscle-building routine. But do you really know what kind of gym equipment you need, apart from a regular gym towel and comfy clothes? If the answer is no, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five gym bag essentials weightlifters needs in their bags, so check them out and see if you’re doing it right!

    Don’t forget your wrist straps

    Wrist straps

    First things first, you should definitely have wrist straps in your bag before you hit the gym. These are an absolute must simply because they can make holding onto heavy weights way easier, as well as any kind of pulling exercises that require a tight grip. Just be sure you opt for rubberized ones which are much better for your grip, as rubber makes it much easier to hold onto heavy weight. These are particularly important when it comes to back workouts, since they eliminate the use of the bicep and focus on the back muscles such as the rhomboids, lats, traps, and rear delts.

    Proper clothes

    Gym wear

    This usually goes without saying but when you walk into the gym, you have to be dressed for the occasion. Change into your gym clothes before you leave the locker room since lifting in jeans in simply unacceptable. Lifting in breathable loose fitting clothing that allows you to go through the motions without getting in the way or restricting your movements is what you should aim at. It would also be good if you could find garments that will help you break a sweat and get warmed up fast. Compression clothing garments should do the trick for you since they improve blood circulation and increase your body temperature. On top of that, it’s quite easy to find this type of gym wear online. Just remember, you’ll get your temperature up in no time and you’ll highlight those stunning muscles so that everyone can see the results. It’s a win-win situation.

    Make sure your weightlifting belt is always in your bag…

    Another gym essential you always need to have in your bag is a weightlifting belt, as it can significantly reduce your chance of an orthopedic injury. It actually reduces the stress on the spine and therefore improves your lifting performance, which is exactly what you need in order to see great results in a shorter period of time. Besides that, a weightlifting belt is more than useful when it comes to squats, as it increases the level of muscle activation in the quads and hamstrings and improves your muscle growth. Of course, you don’t have to use it all the time while weightlifting, but you should know that it’s more than welcome when it comes to heavy deadlifts and squats since it can prevent some major injuries.

    … As well as your favorite pair of weightlifting shoes

    Weightlifting shoes

    If you’re one of those people who look forward to increasing their squat numbers, then you definitely need a quality pair of weightlifting shoes in your gym bag. These usually have an elevated heel, which is what makes them so special, and a lot of weightlifters claim that these help a lot in reaching depth and performing squats without any troubles. Apart from that, such shoes will help you feel much more stable, as your weight is distributed in a more effective way in order to target the right muscles. Of course, having more support will inevitably result in a better lift, which is exactly why you need a pair of weightlifting shoes in your life (and your gym bag).

    Knee sleeves are an absolute must

    In case you didn’t know, squatting too heavy while not using proper gear can result in numerous knee issues, which is why you should get a pair of knee sleeves as soon as possible. Holding a tremendous load of weight over your body and squatting it down puts your joints, tendons, and ligaments under a lot of stress, and it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter some major issues eventually, so do whatever you can to keep your knees protected. Such sleeves are a fantastic choice as they can wrap up your knees when you want to go heavy, which is how you take a lot of that stress off your knees. These are essential when it comes to injury prevention, so be sure you don’t forget to wear them.

    Remember to bring your pre- and post-workout snacks, too

    Workout snacks

    Anyone who lifts knows that it isn’t just about lifting the weights – food is weightlifters’ most powerful fuel, so be sure you always have your pre- and post-workout snacks in your gym bag. You can’t go wrong with a couple of your favorite protein bars – they’re easy to transport, plus they taste really good and are great when you’re in a rush. A protein shake is also a fantastic choice, so add a scoop of protein powder into your shaker cup, together with half a cup of raw oats and a few tablespoons of flaxseeds, and voila – your healthy snack is all done once you add water into the shaker!

    As you can see, weightlifters’ bag contains much more than just a bottle of water, a gym towel, and your favorite face wipes. The intensity of your workouts require specific gym equipment you mustn’t overlook if you want to stay safe, healthy, and unharmed, so make sure you’ve got all of these and you’ll make it happen with success!


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