Do Women Cheat More Than Men on St. Patrick’s Day? Survey.

    Ashley Madison data reveals cheaters won’t be getting lucky with their affair partner this St. Patrick’s Day. According to a new survey by Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating website, 69% of respondents will be spending St. Patrick’s Day with their spouse, family, and friends. Only 8% said they will be spending it with their extramarital partner.

    Often ( 31%) of cheaters tell their spouse that they were working late when planning an affair. Because most people don’t work on a weekend and St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday, cheaters can’t spend the day with their affair partner. The staying at the office late or going out for drinks after work with colleagues, there is less opportunity to cheat discreetly. As for gender, more women (16%) then men (7%) will be spending it with their extramarital partner. Moreover, 24% of men will be spending St. Patty’s day alone, opposed to only 18% of women. In other words, there will be no getting luck this St. Patty’s day thanks to the Irish. See the full report on


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