Guys, It’s Time To Get Over It… Some Of Us Will Never Be ‘Wifey Material’

    “Do you cook?” “No.”
    “Do you clean?” “No.”
    “Do you do anything?” “No.”
    “You’re never meeting my mom.”



    In case you’re confused about what’s going on here, the above conversation actually took place. Well, everything besides the “b*tch, did I ask to meet her?” part, which I was totally just thinking in my head (sometimes I choose to have manners and not say what I’m thinking out loud. Sometimes. Not usually though!).

    When it comes to guys, I’ve been called an array of different things — loud, crazy, blunt — hell, one even called me “spunky” (seriously, who says that?!?), but the one thing no guy has ever called me is “wifey material” and I know exactly why. Because I’m not. Well, at least not in their definition of it anyway.


    I’m well aware that “back in the day,” men used to go to work while the majority of women used to stay home and take care of the kids and the house. I’m also well aware that we’re now in the year 2016. I’m not so sure if the boys I’ve been “dating” (using that term very loosely because also in the year 2016 no one really dates anymore) know that though. How’s that for a *NEWSFLASH*, fellas?

    Although I see nothing wrong with wanting to cook for your man, that’s exactly the thing — if you want to, do it; if you don’t, don’t. Did I mention that I’m also a firm believer in doing whatever the f*ck you want? Uh-huh, honey.

    In my opinion, if you’re judging if a girl is “wifey material” solely off of the fact of whether or not she cooks and cleans, you’re not looking for a spouse, or even a significant other for that matter, what you’re really after is a personal servant. And you’re right; that is not me.

    To the girls that do cook and clean, more power to you. But even if I did, that’s not why I would want a guy to be with me, and I’m sure those girls don’t either. What I want is someone who wants me for me, not for what I can do for them.

    When it comes to relationships, I know it’s not all rainbows and butterflies 100% of the time, it’s work. And, I’m more interested not in finding someone who will do things for me, but having someone who is willing to work with me, and pull the weight 50/50.

    If the time ever comes that I do fall head over heels for someone, trust me, I’ll want to spoil the sh*t out of them, and I’ll do just that. Cooking, cleaning, they can get it all, and then some. But, one thing I’ll never do is give up my life to cater completely to someone else’s. Sorry, not happening.

    While some might call that selfish, I call it smart. Plus, I’d like to think my match-made-in-heaven would want me to have more out of life than just being their maid, no?

    Seriously, f*ck cooking and cleaning — what about somebody who stands by you and supports you unconditionally? I’ll take that over a mopped floor and a fresh meal any day.

    Bottom line: I may never be the girl polishing the floors with Pine-Sol, but I’ll always be there to order you that bomb-ass pizza when you’ve had a bad day.


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