Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Doesn’t Want

    When it comes to choosing a perfect gift for your significant other, detail and quality tend to play the main role. If your boyfriend says he wants a new watch, you can’t possibly get him just any watch you may find. You certainly want to get him the very best one, right? Well, easier said than done!

    Getting it totally right may be a tricky mission, still the surest way to figure out what to buy your beloved man is actually to figure out what you should avoid getting him. Having taken advice from some men we’ve interviewed, we have finally recorded the list of top 10 gifts you should NEVER buy your boyfriend or any other male you care about. And, by the way, make sure you check out our recent article on the online dating expectations too! So, now let’s get right to the subject.

    Shower gel pack/any toiletries

    Smell has always been personal to men. In our case, the same way most of them don’t want their moms buying underwear for them, they also don’t want their girlfriends buying them toiletry.


    He always buys the underpants and socks by himself, so he also won’t appreciate you heading to a store and telling the salesperson what size you need.

    A shirt you guess he’ll look cute in

    Your man doesn’t choose clothes for you any more than you do for him, mainly because when it comes to getting your romantic partner some piece of clothing, it is usually less about what they really like, and entirely about what you prefer them to wear. Before long, he will be dressed up like that Ralph Lauren magazine cover model you have had a crush on from the last year’s men’s fashion catalogue.

    A bathrobe

    Unless you have booked a stay at The Ritz or your dude trying to be the next Hugh Hefner, your man is not going to wear a bathrobe. Most men don’t always appreciate the modern trend of “looking cute and being cozy.” That’s why, they would rather want a coat to wear outside.

    A gimmick type of gift he will only use once (at best)

    A razor that smells like vanilla ice cream, an electric toothbrush that makes more sound than a train engine, and a beard shampoo are all pretty fun…for the moment, yet completely unusable for the long run. And while he could note your comedic touch, he will not appreciate the fact your gift will be sitting in the corner of the bathroom locker all year.

    Charity donation

    No doubt he wants to make an impression of a kind and generous guy, but this time he’s expecting a present just for himself, a present he won’t need to give away.

    Gift card to a store he’d probably never shop in

    To your boyfriend, you are taking money he would use where he wants to, so avoid turning it into money he will be able to only use where you’ve decided him to use.

    A couple’s spa treatment

    This is pretty much like him gifting you tickets to go see his favorite band play. Remember that you’re choosing a gift for him, not for you! A couple’s spa treatment may seem like something you actually get yourself and invite your man along just for company.

    Tech items you actually know nothing about

    Just give your guy a gift card to some store. It will save him the hassle of rushing back in order to return your gift in 6 months when the new HD version of that movie comes out.

    Subscription to anything

    The main thing you need to know about subscription packages is that they add up pressure and no man likes that. If your boyfriend feels like he really needs to subscribe to something, he’ll choose to do it all by himself.


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