5 Benefits of Having an Accountant File Your Tax Return

    If you’re a business owner or simply struggling to manage your personal taxes, you may be trying to decide if you should take care of them yourself or hire an accountant. While filing your own tax returns may be free, there are many reasons why having an expert do it for you could be a far better decision to make. Read on to find out why it could be the best choice for you. 

    1. They Can Save You Money

    Though hiring a tax accountant will cost you money, it can also end up saving you money. Not only can they pick up mistakes that may cost you thousands of dollars, but they will also help you take advantage of as many tax-deductible items as possible. 

    These might include child tax, student loan interest, medical expenses, self-employment expenses, health savings accounts contributions, gambling losses, mortgage interest, and more. Your small investment in an accountant may even pay for itself in a single tax return. 

    It also helps that we now have the most advanced accounting software at our disposal. Accountants can spend less time preparing each tax return than they used to, which means their rates are often more competitive. 

    2. You Can Save a Lot of Time

    Accountants deal with tax information every day, whereas you may only think about it once a year. Their experience means they can spend a mere fraction of the time managing and filing your taxes that it would take for you to do it yourself. Rather than spending countless hours mulling over numbers, you can free up that time for other important tasks. 

    3. They Can Manage The Complicated Paperwork

    Not everyone’s tax situation is straightforward. Whether you’re in business or not, you may have a significant number of assets, various investments, work-from-home arrangements, or charitable contributions to factor in. 

    So many financial transactions have a tax consequence, which means you can tie yourself up in knots trying to work out how much you owe and what you can deduct. 

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that you are responsible for what you declare on your tax return. If you get it wrong, you may face penalties, additional taxes, and interest. For this reason, it can be a safer and less stressful option to have an accountant file your taxes for you. 

    4. Enjoy Peace of Mind

    If you notice that the people in your life are more stressed-out than usual, it’s generally a telling sign that tax season is just around the corner. People who file their tax returns themselves can experience extreme stress, sleepless nights, and fears about whether or not they have gathered all the information they need and whether they have enough time to file. 

    When you’ve lined up a tax accountant to help you, all you’ll experience is peace of mind. As long as you’ve taken note of the information you need to gather – such as assets, transactions, contributions, and investments – your accountant can manage all the rest. 

    5. Get Helpful Tax Advice

    While a tax accountant is managing your tax return, they are also taking note of how you have provided your information. If they know how to do something easier, faster, or better, they will likely let you know. You can also call upon them for any advice related to tax. 

    As tempting as it might be to manage your taxes yourself, there are more reasons to hire an expert than to go down the DIY route. Enjoy reduced stress levels, peace of mind, and far more free time by leaving this arduous task to the experts who manage taxes every day.


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