Fun Ways to Have a Great Time with Your Spouse

    Joint leisure of spouses is the basis of healthy relations between them. It is a sad fact that most couples after several years spend their evenings at home on the couch with their own gadgets. Very seldom, we go out for a romantic evening in a restaurant or cinema. It is very boring to always live with household chores. How to spend time with your spouse, so that you can have great impressions for a long time?

    The ways of spending time together depend on what are the hobbies and preferences of spouses. It is just wonderful if the marriage is originally based on the same interests. Then, it is very simple to arrange a useful and amazing pastime for both partners. The time spent with the spouse really can be enjoyable and happy. There are many options. Which one to choose, you have to decide yourselves. We can offer at least 30 ways to spend fun time together, so that you both will remember it for long.

    1.    Arrange a YouTube party. Stock up popcorn and show each other your favorite videos.
    2.    Make funny selfies, put them on Facebook and ask the subscribers what famous couple you look     like. Read, argue, and have fun.
    3.    Go to the park for ducks and swans feeding in the pond or horse riding. Choose the most terrible     roller coasters to ride on.
    4.    Arrange a bike tour to the special places for you. Ride on the rollers.
    5.    Make massage to each other according to the classical instructions found on the Internet. Draw       each other with paints for body art.
    6.    Buy unusual indoor flowers and plant them together.
    7.    Cook together a dish that you both never tasted and always had the lack of the time to do it.           Bake cookies with predictions. The crazier are the predictions, the more fun.
    8.    Go fishing. Do not forget to take with you a pot to cook a fish soup.
    9.    Go to a rock concert. Put on funny T-shirts with the musicians’ portraits and imagine that you         are 8 years old and you are first in love.
    10.   Arrange yourself a classic picnic in a forest with a basket, tablecloth, cheese, and wine. Collect        berries or mushrooms.
    11.   Sign up for dance classes and go there together.
    12.   Go for a walk and make acquaintance with someone. This is a great way to find new friends.
    13.   Invite relatives or friends for a dinner and get ready for it together.
    14.   Go to greet the sunrise or sunset together.
    15.   Try to speak all day only in sign language.
    16.   Buy paper Chinese lanterns, make wishes and run them into the sky in the evening. Or, make a      kite flying. This is not as simple as it may seem.
    17.   Buy lottery tickets and monitor the numbers on TV together. Make stakes on sports, for example,    on the 1xbet Nigeria website.
    18.   Go to the football match or any other game where you can loudly cheer for your team.
    19.   Visit the flea market and find there the things that you both had in your childhood.
    20.   Take some serious psychological tests together. Arrange a session of psychoanalysis and tell each    other about your phobias.
    21.   Make a list of entertainments for one year ahead. You will just want to do something right now.
    22.   Take out your children’s photos and have a party of memories.
    23.   Try to draw portraits of each other.
    24.   Write a letter to the future. Imagine yourself 10 years later. What do you want to say to yourself?
    25.   Practice a kind of sports together. Jogging or pool swimming will be the bests.
    26.   Arrange a competition. Who quickly mixes a cocktail or who writes a poem on a given topic in a      funnier way?
    27.   Take a risk! Jump with parachutes or fly around in a hot air balloon.
    28.   Start learning a foreign language together.
    29.   Dream out loud. What would you do if you found a magic lamp with a genie?
    30.   There is nothing better than the time spent in having sex. Try something unusual.

    If the husband and wife are people with different preferences, maybe even radically opposite, then during the funny time spent together they have a great chance to know each other much better and try on the interests and preferences of the opposite side. It is very useful to try on yourself the image and hobbies of your life partner and invent quality time activities. After all, only a close person can know exactly how to surprise and make pleasure to the spouse.


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