Fanatics’ Strategic Move into West Virginia’s Online Casino Market

    West Virginia bursts with liveliness and mirth each day with the growing popularity of the online casino market. The 2023 data records reveal that the state alone has contributed to revenue of US $1 billion from West Virginia alone. Fanatics made a smart move by purchasing the PointsBet shares in the U.S. The deal was made at a staggering $225 million over the summer, with expectations of the transfer by the end of the year. This was quite an unforeseen move, as PointsBet was quite firm on the matter to secure the deal with DraftKings at $195 million until Fanatics closed the deal by a large margin. Fanatics’ have urged that they would partner with Paysafe for their sportsbook dealings, to which the latter agreed. Paysafe would offer regular customers with traditional card payments, or other alternative payments across the five important states of Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee. Players can make daily deposits, withdrawals, etc. using their debit cards, APMs or Paysafecash, barcode-based solutions, etc.

    Players can expect a Fanatics Sportsbook, followed by the iCasino too. Customers have reported convenience in usage by simply entering their old sign-ups and passwords for PointsBet and entering the Fanatics Sportsbook. All the existing winnings are transferred to the casino version of Fanatics. With the availability of the app version, Fanatics has delved into a major online casino business that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Players can enjoy several games, including the newly launched Fanatics Blackjack, and envision several other games like slots, roulette, etc. in the upcoming events. The primary reasons to expand the sportsbook into a full-fledged casino are to reduce competition from other firms and create customer dependency on one company consistently. Two major companies, DraftKings and FanDuel exert 70% gambling market control across the U.S., which has resulted in the consistent perishing of the smaller firms. 

    Fanatics Approach in the Market

    PointsBet is one of the earliest companies to rebrand itself fully to be used under the Fanatics Sportsbook. Fanatics has noted that shortly can expect the merger of a few others too, leading to the strategic expansion of the company. The prime reason why more and more customers have opted for the Fanatics experience is due to the usage of the preexisting PointsBet credentials, which excludes them from the hassles of new account creation. For the Fanatics’, the main advantage lies in the extreme popularity of the NFL season among West Virginia citizens. Fanatics has been suggested to launch BetVision, an app that allows NFL games to be watched. In short, players have the facility of watching their favorite NFL teams and planning their victory with Fanatics. Quite recently, it has been highlighted that Fanatics and BetVision signed a merger that keeps it at par with FanDuel in terms of technology and innovation. The Fanatics’ betting CEO, Matt King has urged in a recent interview that their expansion policy is a bit lengthy, with a vision for decades in mind. Thereby, players can enjoy the regular developments of the company. Another speculation hinted at by the CEO suggests collaboration with sports merchandisers, which could convert some of the consumers to bettors. The company has a prospect for a decade-long expanding business venture, which can introduce several new incentives. In fact, in a recent interview recorded at, Michael Rubin, Fanatics’ founder, and owner hinted at the vision that the app can be the trading grounds of merchandise and collectibles. Players can exchange, purchase, or sell them, or even purchase tickets to watch live sports. 

    Fanatics’ New Features

    New players can install the app from the Play Store or App Store, at their convenience. There is an availability of an excellent Help Center with 24/7 chat service and mail. Players are also encouraged to follow Responsible Gaming and practice self-exclusion programs. 


    • An Enhanced Sportsbook: The Fanatics Sportsbook app has implemented the HTML5 technology that makes sure to comply with almost all mobile phones including iOS and Android. 
    • A More Personalised Experience: Customers know what they seek, so a sportsbook should also cater to their requirements. Fanatics introduces a Discover Page with marquee games, promos, latest games, rewards, etc. Players can save their favorite games and continue to enjoy them in the future.
    • Enhanced Live Streaming Experience: Genius Sports Limited and Fanatics Sportsbook collaborated to launch BetVision, which provides customers with a better live betting experience by enjoying the game and betting simultaneously. 
    • Rewarding Sportsbook: The Fanatics Loyalty Program is based on FanCash which can convert ‘dollar for dollar’ into Bonus Bets, which can purchase team merchandisers. Players can earn between 1% FanCash on straight bets and odds boosts to 5% on same-game parlay bets.
    • Search algorithm: Players can simply search what they desire, and bet directly. Fanatics Sportsbook offers a search bar, autocomplete, recent search data, and deep links to leagues, markets, and events. 


    Fanatics have indeed revolutionized the Sportsbook for the public. The app is user-friendly with 24-hour customer support. There is almost everything that a player can expect, starting from device adaptability, personalized experience, search data, etc. Furthermore, players can also expect a future where sports trade on their favorite merchandise, and live sports betting goes hand in hand. Perhaps the most revolutionary impact comes from the app structure of BetVision, which allows players to enjoy a live betting experience. The app has potential for players in-store and marks a revolutionized appeal in sports for the players.

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