Facial Treatments and Tweaks That Aussies Adore

    From Miranda Kerr and Margot Robbie to Cate Blanchett – we all know that Australia is full of beautiful women. There’s something about them that simply radiates energy and brightness, and their graceful smiles and bronzed tans often leave us in awe. How do they manage to look so effortlessly good? And it’s not just celebrities either! Regular women who are just strolling down the beach often leave us breathless, and if you’re anything like us, you want to know what it is that they’re doing to look like that. Well, one of their secrets are, plain and simply, facial treatments! They aren’t shy about going to the salon or a skin clinic to get some pampering done, and the results are clearly visible in their lustrous complexions. Interested in what their favorites are? Let us tell you all about it!


    When it showed up a few years ago, who knew that this treatment will take off and gain such popularity? Aussie ladies are not immune to it either, and microdermabrasion is a very popular beauty go-to at most clinics in Sydney. For it to work, a spray of tiny crystals is used to remove the outer layer of your skin and get rid of all the dead cells. It can help deal with scars and hyperpigmentation, but it can also smooth out fine lines and leave you looking young and radiant after only one treatment. If you haven’t tried it already, we heartily recommend it because it’s proven to be very effective and you can find a fairly inexpensive deal these days.

    Face lift

    To take the years off their faces, Australians often go in for a simple face lift, or rhytidectomy. This surgical treatment is pretty much the best way to deal with advanced signs of aging, and it can make you feel like you’ve melted years off your face if you find a good doctor to perform the procedure. Pockets of fat are suctioned off, and muscles of your face are tightened and lifted to create a more pleasing contour and firmer appearance.


    Good old Botox! Our friends from Down Under love it, but they’ve actually found new ways to use it. From mimicking a minor nose job, to treating acne and excessive sweating, there are a ton of ways that it can be utilized in the beauty industry. Whether you opt to have someone smooth out your wrinkles or help you finally control those adult acne, it’s all up to you!

    Eyelid lift

    Eyes are the windows to our soul, and no one knows that better than Aussies. One of the easiest ways to get your eyes to look youthful and expressive again is eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. Excess fat and skin are removed to tighten the contours and give your eyes a lifted appearance, so it can also be used to help reshape hooded eyelids. Going in for a blepharoplasty to Perth clinics is a popular way of wiping years off your face, and as long as you find a good doctor, you’ll be in good hands. Same as with face lifts, it’s important to find professionals who have an artistic eye and understand how to work with your face.

    Decongesting facial

    If you are struggling with acne, you know all about congested skin and sebum build-ups in your pores. Blackheads and acne don’t look all that appealing, and the added redness and oiliness aren’t fun to deal with either. Enter the decongesting facial and your problems could be solved! With the help of some gentle peeling AHAs and BHAs, the outer layer of dead skin is removed, and a special cosmetic lancet is used to extract blackheads and sebum. It can leave your skin pink for a short while after it’s done, which means you’ll need to apply sunscreen on your face and avoid direct sunlight until it all settles.

    Nose job

    Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a great way to give you that dainty little nose of your dreams, or simply make a minor correction that has been plaguing you all your life. It’s popular in Australia because today’s procedures are very safe and effective, and it’s liberating to know that you can correct a facial flaw and feel more comfortable in your own skin.


    Whether you decide to go in for a procedure or simple beauty pampering is up to you! Aussies know what’s what, so if you were looking for recommendations, these are some of the best treatments that you can get.


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