Little Weekend Escapes for Recharging

    Long, lazy summer days simply scream for a little vacation. Who wants to be sitting around, cooped up in their office when you could be relaxing somewhere and enjoying the nice weather? Besides, we all deserve some zen time! We work hard, and all that stress isn’t helping anyone, so why not indulge all our senses and go to a nice spa or wellness retreat? When you come back you’ll be glowing with energy, so let’s take a look at some of the best destinations for a proper weekend getaway.

    Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

    Quiet, secluded, and perfect if you want to heal your mind and body, this resort is in Taos, New Mexico and it’s beautiful. You can stay in one of the suites by the cliffside and have access to a spectacular view any time you want it, and you’ll also get your own private bath tub so you could enjoy the mineral water undisturbed. You could also stay in one of the cottages or the hotel, and you can book all kinds of spa treatments – from beauty pampering to massages. We recommend the Ojo Caliente Signature Milagro Relaxation Wrap, especially if you want to enjoy a good detox. The food here is excellent as well, and you’ll be able to eat at a great restaurant called The Artesian, or have a few drinks at the Wine Bar & Lounge.

    Earth Lodge

    Ah, lovers of nature, you may rejoice! This beautiful Guatemalan lodge is one big, green avocado farm, and it’s absolutely eco-friendly and completely magical. From lush nature to spectacular volcano views, the whole place is rustic, adventurous, and a great choice who want to spend their vacation surrounded by nature. Know what’s fun? You can actually get to stay in a tree house! It’s fun and completely comfortable, but you can also opt for a cabana or even set up your own camp if you prefer.

    The Botanica

    If you want the perfect holiday, then you should really head to Australia. Specifically, go to The Botanica, and you’ll find the best spa in Vaucluse and learn all about the art of relaxation. Make sure to check out their Sol Spa, where you’ll be able to enjoy atmospheric herbal scents in the air as you try their de-stress therapy or revitalizing massage. We recommend their antioxidant herbal therapy if you are looking for some rejuvenation, or their Himalayan salt body scrub if you want smooth, velvety skin. They also offer Riki and several Ayurvedic treatments, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Their restaurant is also amazing, especially because they farm their own food, so anything you eat will be organically grown and delicious.

    The Austrian Alps

    One of our recommendations simply had to be for those people who don’t want to spend their getaway relaxing, but being active. You will still get to feel the peace from the nature that surrounds you, but you’ll also get to take long, soothing walks, hike, and really take in some of the most gorgeous sights in the world. You can always go to Salzburg if you want a more urban setting and fun activities such as the Edelweiss Cooking School, so if you’re an active person who wants a more adventurous holiday, this is a really nice pick for you.

    Negril Yoga Center

    For those who are seeking a deeply spiritual experience coupled with immense wellness benefits, the Negril Yoga Center in Jamaica is a great pick. The classes are very cheap, and you can stay in their comfortable rooms, but if you want a little more sightseeing you can always walk around the town or go see the Zimbali Mountain Retreats. If you are very stressed and tired from work this could actually be a good way to not only relax, but fill your body up with energy and learn a lot of useful and soothing yoga techniques. It could help you take a positive step on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, not to mention how fun it is to start something like this in a beautiful place full of new, interesting people.

    We all need to change our surroundings occasionally if we want to let go of stress and worrying, so going to a nice retreat is the perfect chance to get your balance back. Get away from work for a few days (or more) and then come back home, happy, relaxed, and full of stories!


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