Eight Travel Tips For Your Tennessee Vacation

    Nobody said planning a perfect vacation to Tennessee would be easy. It can be quite a bit of a challenge to think of the ideal trip itinerary detailing an optimal budget, an excellent place to stay, fun places to visit, and keeping everyone’s schedule in mind. The task gets even more challenging when everybody has an opinion on what to do.

    However, it would be best if you did not let the planning anxiety turn your holiday cheer into sadness. Instead, it is best to share some of your burdens with other people and benefit from various online resources and guides to plan your trip to Tennessee.

    On that note, here are eight tips that can help you make the most of your vacation to Tennessee:

    1. Choosing the right season

    The time of the year you visit Tennessee significantly impacts your vacation. The places open for visitation and travel costs are directly associated with the season and weather of the state. Tennessee features a relatively moderate climate, meaning that summers are warm but not disturbingly hot and winters are cool but not freezing. Therefore, there is no wrong time to visit Tennessee judging by the weather conditions. Still, you would want to consider the ideal holiday season depending on the places you want to see. Also, keep in mind the outdoor activities you want to experience, your budget, and your travel group.

    1. Deciding on your base

    Rather than being over ambitious and thinking you can explore the whole state on one trip, your best bet is to decide a city you want to make your base and stay there. Pigeon Forge is a great place to start if it is your first trip (or not). The city has a brilliant food scene and multiple attractions for kids and elders. In addition, Tennessee is majorly known for its love for music, so how can you expect to complete a trip to Tennessee without enjoying the incredible musicals, shows, and concerts the city has to offer. So, while planning a trip to Tennessee, browse the internet to explore the shows in Pigeon Forge and book one that fits right into your trip schedule.

    1. Deciding how to travel to the destination

    Whether you want to fly or drive to the state of Tennessee entirely depends on where you live. Suppose you live approximately seven to eight hours away from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. In that case, driving to the destination is your best bet. Converting the tour into a road trip will allow you to enjoy several scenic views of the Great Smoky Mountains while you travel. However, if you live further away, flying to Tennessee would be better because driving for exceedingly long hours will exhaust you before your vacation even begins. Booking a round trip from your nearest airport to the Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport (47 miles away from Pigeon Forge) will help you save a lot of time and keep your energy levels up.

    1. Picking out an ideal lodging option

    Tennessee has some exceptional lodging options to treat guests to refined comfort and luxury. The state welcomes travelers looking for all kinds of accommodation options to enjoy a whole Tennessee vacation experience. The different types of vacation rentals include:

    • Fancy and extravagant resorts
    • Adventurous and cozy log cabins
    • Creative and adaptable RV parks

    Please note that these lodging options are in scenic areas surrounded by the most beautiful tourist spots. Choosing any of these vacation rentals will enable you to enjoy several activities and amenities the place has to offer.

    1. Scheduling your entertainment appropriately

    Everyone wants to make the most of their vacation by adding several exciting activities to each day of their trip. However, doing everything in a limited time is not humanly possible. You must do your best in setting priorities and picking a few places you want to visit or a few activities you want to do while in Tennessee. A good trick is to create a schedule of your plans to know precisely what entertainment each day will hold. It will help you plan your timeline accordingly and dress appropriately for the event. Moreover, when on a trip, you can’t carry everything with you at all times. Scheduling your activities can help you understand what to pack in your backpack for the day.

    1. Trying the variety of food specialties

    Travelers must make extra effort to locate unique food items to try in the state to fulfill all their cravings while on vacation. You can browse the internet or interact with locals to create a list of the area’s most highly rated restaurants and cafes, including their specialties. Then, match these dine-in spots to places you have to visit every day to try as many food options as you can while staying in Tennessee.

    1. Having ample fun outdoors

    The best part about visiting any city in Tennessee is that it can offer a great blend of indoor and outdoor activities. It explains why people who visit Tennessee try absolutely everything the state provides. It has several amusement parks, adventure sports expeditions, museum tours, and park activities people can book to have a great time. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you can pick from the exciting mountain adventures, exhilarating forest tours, and breathtaking water sports the place has to offer.

    1. Exploring nearby cities

    People must try visiting nearby towns, cities, and other attractions to make the most of their trip when visiting Tennessee. Dedicate a day or two of your holiday timeline to exploring cities of Tennessee like Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, or Franklin. These cities lie four hours or less from Pigeon Forge, making them easily accessible. You can make a round-trip to these cities and come back to your booked vacation rental at the end of the day.

    The Final Word

    Travelers can use the tips mentioned above to plan their ideal vacation to Tennessee. However, they must remember not to let external factors and inevitable life challenges down their holiday energy. If one or two things don’t go according to plan due to dramatic changes in weather or rescheduling of events or shows, it shouldn’t matter. People must always keep some room for flexibility in their vacation planning itinerary so their trip can turn into a one-of-a-kind adventure. It also helps you escape the stress of managing every day to check everything on the list you had planned.

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