Do’s and Don’ts When Selling Your Long Island House Fast

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    Long Island, an area in the southeastern part of New York City, is not only the most expensive island in the United States but the longest as well, at 118 miles. Given its proximity to the City that Never Sleeps and bounty of majestic surroundings like gorgeous beaches and wildflowers, over half of the population of the state resides on this glorious island. Long Island boasts of close connection and charming communities combined with the sophistication, comfort, and excitement of urban life. 

    If you have a house on the island that you want to sell as you cannot afford to go through the lengthy and costly traditional route of hiring an agent and staging your home. It is best to find a cash home buyer whose business mantra is, “We Buy Houses in Long Island Fast and Easy!” Here are practical dos and don’ts that you should consider to find a reputable home buying company who will fulfill this promise and more:

    Do Conduct a Background Check

    Your Long Island home is not just a piece of property. It holds priceless memories and sentimental value, so why would you sell it to someone without doing your homework? 

    Take your time to learn more about the cash home buying companies you are considering. For one, make sure that they are legitimate businesses by checking their company names, addresses, phone numbers, and accreditation. 

    Avoid firms that merely advertise phone numbers and services. A reputable company takes pride in its name and branding, while a dubious business wants to remain in the dark. 

    You can also check if the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB is a credible resource to finding trustworthy companies as it searches for reviews and complaints, and rates the company’s responsiveness to clients. 

    Don’t Forget to Consider Client Feedback

    Apart from checking the legitimacy of the company, you should also find time to read online reviews and client feedback. Company brochures and ads tend to highlight the positives and downplay the negatives, but actual reviews of home sellers will give you the real picture.

    You can ask the company you are eyeing on to refer you to some of their former clients so that you can talk to them personally. You can also check the testimonials page on the company’s website, as well as the ratings and reviews at BBB, Yelp, and similar platforms.

    Do Make Sure You are Dealing with Professionals

    Legitimate cash home buying companies will deal with you professionally. They will not only politely answer all your queries, but they are open to providing information about their business. Reputable cash home buyers also run an ethical company, which means they are transparent, honest, and works to create a deal that would benefit both you and their business.  

    Don’t Settle for Phone Calls or Emails

    Ditch a cash home buyer who avoids meeting with you face to face and would instead contact you through phone calls and emails. Avoid transacting online when selling your Long Island home. Reliable home buying companies will take the time to visit your property and talk with you in person.

    Remember that just because buyers say, “We Buy Houses in Long Island Fast and Easy!” does not mean that they will deliver excellent service. Considering the many cash home buying companies on Long Island, you should take the time to search for one with credibility and a good reputation in the industry. Use the pointers mentioned above as a guide to finding the right home buyer for your needs. 


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