Are Massages While Pregnant Safe?

    Massage during pregnancy is necessary. The benefits are felt in the body almost immediately as the masseur works on your body. But people who ask for pregnancy massage in Zurich also come with other questions that can make one wonder where they could have heard it. 

    Here is one of them: Is it true that massage can cause miscarriage? 

    This question and other questions are worth asking though. You don’t want to risk what you have because of feeling relaxed. But is that all the benefits of looking for a pregnancy massage in Zurich? What do you need to know? What is with massage and miscarriage? 

    Read on to find out all the truth. 

    What Is Pregnancy Massage? 

    Just like the normal massage, pregnancy massage brings a human touch to the body of a pregnant person. Human touch can be soothing and comforting, adding relief to stress body parts and releasing overall pain. 

    To avoid any trouble though, when looking for pregnancy massage in Zurich, ensure you are choosing an experienced and certified therapist who is specifically certified in postpartum and pregnancy massage. Don’t just choose any massage therapist who doesn’t have qualifications for pregnancy massage. Why? 

    There is one difference between normal massage and pregnancy massage. The person receiving a pregnancy massage is pregnant. So the therapist needs (and should have had) a deep understanding and anatomy of pregnancy. 

    This means when massaging, the professional will ensure that positioning and safety are followed. 

    Does The Room Have To Be Different? 

    No, it doesn’t have. The right amount of bright light should be available and the scent should be just beautiful. If you have a preference, you can talk to your therapist. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage? 

    • It can reduce stress and make you feel relaxed. 
    • It can relieve all kinds of pain such as cramps, muscle pain, spasms in the lower back, hip and joints. 
    • It improves the circulation of lymph nodes and blood in the body and can, therefore, reduce swelling
    • You may feel more strengthened and convenient during labor, reducing labor pain
    • Joints that are load-bearing will feel relaxed and exercised
    • Massage is like new support for new mothers and pregnant women 

    Who Benefits From The Process? 

    This depends on how you look at it. Isn’t it a good thing for that guardian when a pregnant woman is in a good spirits and health? 

    But for some people, massage is highly recommended. Even a therapist will see to it that the process is properly executed. Women who are carrying two or more babies in their womb can be the best beneficiary as they will feel the process relieving. Some conditions require that you receive a form of massage which is not even related to pregnancy. Some of these conditions include women with a blood clot, women who have the risk of preterm labor and other specific ailments. Before a professional attends to such women, the therapist may demand a written notice from a doctor who recommends the massage. 

    What Is The Relationship Between Pregnancy Massage And Miscarriage? 

    Perhaps you should get some things clear about miscarriage that can have you satisfied before entering into a pregnancy massage in Zurich. 

    You can have a miscarriage when you hit your stomach against something when something hits you or you fall. The most common time for miscarriage is during the first 8 weeks. The fetus is young and too much pressure on the tummy can disrupt or disturb the young and fragile baby. Usually, the mother should be careful in this period and that means if you will ever seek pregnancy massage in Zurich, you should work with people who are certified. 

    You can demand a massage at any point in your pregnancy: first, second or third trimester (but don’t forget the last advice: only certified therapists). Some facilities will not give you the service in your first trimester. This is because of the fact that the fetus is still young and most miscarriages happen in the first week. They don’t want to be held responsible even if they are not the reason for the problem. 

    My Baby And The Massage? 

    Well, massage is one of the things to feel a bond with your baby when it is still inside. Many mothers will sing and rub their bellies when they are feeling emotional about their son or daughter. It is fine and science says the baby does feel the massage. So if you are really thinking about how to make your baby happy in the womb, consider having a pregnancy massage in Zurich. You can then ask for sweet music and smells to enhance the atmosphere.


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