Don’t Be Addicted To Rhinoplasty As Human Barbie Man, Ken

    Some of us know Human Barbie Man or Ken from social media because of his serial plastic surgeries. It looks like the Brazilian man had a bad nightmare.   While others know him as Rodrigo Alves, a phenomenon in social media.

    The ‘Human Ken Doll’ has over 250,000 followers in Instagram. He has had 51 cosmetic surgeries and 105 aesthetic treatments to make him look like the Human Barbie Man, Ken. He portrays a life of partying, traveling, and hanging out in luxury places on his Instagram. Alves is an air steward and inherited the money for his plastic surgeries from his grandparents… spending half a million dollars on his plastic surgeries up until now.

    In 2016, he had a nose job and then a hole grew in his new nose.  He was treated with antibiotics for necrosis – the death of human flesh. If the infection was left untreated, it could  have eaten away the flesh of his face, making him lose his new nose. This infection, called MRSA, is caused by a type of staph bacteria that’s resistant to many different antibiotics. He had 3 rhinoplasty surgeries just in 14 months, which also destroyed his tissue.

    Mr. Alves can no longer breathe through his nose, because his nostrils are very narrow. They are so narrow that a doctor cannot make a proper examination.

    Can a rhinoplasty or nose job create such a breathing problem, like in the case of ‘Human Ken Doll? ‘It is vice versa.

    One of the most important expected results in rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as nose reshaping, is to increase the breathing capability and give a better quality life for the patient. Because it reduces the structural defects in the nose.

    Rhinoplasty is actually the second most popular plastic surgery, after breast augmentation. It is preferred by many people to reshape their nose. Some people have rhinoplasty surgery to correct the deviated septum that creates a breathing problem.

    There are people who are not satisfied with their first rhinoplasty surgery and go to a second and even a third one. A consecutive nose job is better to be performed with experienced plastic surgeons. However, of course there should be enough time between each surgery.

    Today the new trend in rhinoplasty surgery is to have a refined nose job, which does not look fake. If you do not have a specific aim, like Mr. Alves who wants to be seen as Barbie Man, you can follow this new trend. Just little changes, to make you look more elegant and more refined.

    A Nose job is generally not paid for by health insurance policies. You need to pay the surgery out of pocket. If you have not inherited like Mr. Alves, you need to find one of the best plastic surgeons at an affordable price. Now, medical tourism gives this opportunity to everyone. You can go to another destination and have your rhinoplasty at a fraction of the price that it would cost in your home country. Turkey is becoming one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world, with its famous plastic surgery clinics. One of them is MCAN Health Istanbul. The plastic surgeons of MCAN Health are listening to their patients, to learn about their dream nose. However, they always advise their patients to have realistic expectations.

    Having a plastic surgery is very normal for today’s people. Let’s have it, but let’s not be addicted to it. Especially if it is your nose, which is the most prominent part of your face.


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