#DisneyForever: Why My Obsession is Far From Immature

    We all dream about being Princesses and Heroes, so why do we have to give that up just because we, “grow up”.

    Disney has taught me some of my greatest life lessons and I don’t care how ridiculous you think that sounds. Yes, I am a twenty-something year old. No, I will never turn down a rainy day binge of all my Disney homegirl’s getting hitched.

    Maybe I do want to get married in the Magic Kingdom. Maybe I do take 3 vacations every year and they’re all to Disney World.


    My love of Disney doesn’t mean I’m childish or immature. You don’t have something from your childhood that you’re still obsessed with? I highly doubt that.

    Don’t you dare judge me.

    This is why I will always be #DisneyForever:

    1. The Songs

    Go ahead. Sit there and try to lie. Tell me  that the second you hear The Lion King’s opening song you don’t start singing along like you’re a five year old.

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    You’ve got a friend in me? Celine Dion’s Beauty and the Beast? You can’t say that you know every single word.

    And you know damn well, “Let it Go,” has been stuck in your head for the past 2 years..

    2. The Parks

    It’s seriously the happiest place on earth. There’s always something to do, a new show to see, and who can turn down eating in Beauty & The Beast’s grand ballroom?

    Not to mention the more adult activities like drinking around the world in Epcot or the romantic spas and suites that they have for you and your very own prince or princess.

    It’s impossible to ever be bored there!

    3. The Memories

    The first movie I ever saw in the theater was Pocahontas. My grandmother was so excited to take me and couldn’t believe how much I loved it.

    Every time I watch  these movies, it’s like I’m actually back in time, remembering how perfect being a child was and appreciating how fast time really does go. They have sentimental value that I’ll never let escape my heart.

    4. The Inside Jokes

    Oh Disney, you dirty dog you.

    When I first realized all the little jokes Disney threw in here and there, I finally realized why my parents didn’t mind watching the same movies on repeat.

    Really Disney? Having Kristoff ask Anna what,” foot size”,  Hans was? real smooth….

    How about the amount of boner references that they snuck into almost every movie? Buzz Lightyears’s, “wings”, when he sees Jesse. The penis that’s literally on the cover of the Little Mermaid ? ( Deny it all you want, Disney. We have eyes)

    5. Dealing With Assh*les 

    Yeah, that’s right. Disney taught me how to put that bad guy in his place. You’re going to tell me I can’t have something because I’m not good enough? Do you know how that worked out for Cinderella? I didn’t think so.

    6. The Lesson Of How To Love

    My favorite Disney movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast because it has the most amazingly, pure meaning. Fall in love with your heart not your eyes.

    Love is about your personality. It’s about giving someone a chance you never thought you would. It’s about how deep your passion for someone else goes; so deep that you would die trying to protect them.

    7. The Real Life Movies

    All of our cartoon favorites are becoming Hollywood Blockbusters. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. How could you not be obsessed. And now they have Emma Watson Playing Belle?!


    Are you joking?! This is going to be the most amazing movie I’ve ever watched in my entire life.


    So next time you want to tell me to “grow up” because I know every word to Hakuna Matata or that I’m stupid because I’m going back to Disney for the 19th time, why don’t you keep it to yourself.

    Clearly, you’re just jealous because your childhood was Disney-less, meaning it sucked.


    • Micayla is a brunch enthusiast and disney fanatic. She has a passion for photography which comes in handy when she travels the world while studying as a degree-seeking student at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. As an American living abroad, she loves to step out of her comfort zone and works to provide a fresh perspective as she writes. Follow her adventures in Instagram: @micaylamirabella

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