Different Ways to Donate To Charity In 2019

    If you love giving to charity, there are numerous ways you can donate your favourite cause. Different price points are set by the charity foundations to offer donors different donating options based on individual preference and size of their donation. 

    If you are new to donating to charity, you should know that your donation can make a difference in a lot of ways. People like you ensure that people in need get help, and that makes the difference in the world. 

    Here are ways you can give to charity in today’s world. 

    Using your chequebook 

    As much as online philanthropy grows every day, writing checks can still work. Writing a check as a method of donation to charity is the most common method used by donors. This method of philanthropy is loved by many around the world because of its simplicity and directness. If you are sceptical about using your credit card details, writing a check is a welcome alternative to donating. 

    Donating online 

    Often referred to as crowd funding, online donations make it possible for donors of modest means to make a big difference. While this is still a growing method of giving, it is the fastest ways to support a charity. 

    Young individuals are the most tech-savvy generation. According to statistics, they prefer supporting charities that have an online presence. This has led to the growth of online charities. For instance, Yad Ezra is a charity that is based online. Through Yad Ezra, you can help to feed thousands of families in need of food. 

    Setting up a private foundations or family foundation 

    High net worth donors prefer to set up private foundations to support their charitable deeds. While there are some well-known private foundations, there are tens of thousands of other unknown private foundations that have substantial asset value. 

    Some rules are set to govern the operation of private foundations. For instance, the IRS requires that every private foundation donates a certain percentage of the asset value to charity. Even with all the rules, setting up a private foundation is one of the most effective ways of donating to charity. 

    Join a charity group 

    This is a fun and practical philanthropy method. While it is relatively new, it is fast gaining momentum. Giving circles can be formed by a group of friends, community members, or acquaintances sharing the common love for donating to charity. The circle agrees on an amount to contribute towards the donation and find a worthy cause to donate to. Even the smallest donation can make a great difference. 

    Donating your time 

    While most people may think that charity donations can only be made in monetary value, time is also a valuable resource to donate. You can donate your time as a volunteer to your favourite charity. Today, you can volunteer digitally through virtual volunteering services. You can also choose to travel as a volunteer and support a worthy cause that is far from your home town. 

    Whether you have donations in monetary value or in the form of time and other resources, donating to a charity is one of the best ways to inspire change in the world. Support a worthy cause today.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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