Different methods you can use to file a customer complaint

    Things don’t always run smoothly when we purchase items from a business and we often need to make a complaint. When we do have a complaint, it is best to flag the issue with the business first. However, if you don’t get redress from the business, or cannot contact them here are some methods you can use:

    1. Visit the website of the business.

    One of the best places to start when filing a customer complaint is to contact the company directly. Visit their website and find the contact information for the customer service department. Next, write a detailed description of went wrong. In many cases, companies will be eager to resolve the problem. In fact, they may even offer you some form of compensation for your trouble. For instance, they might give you a discount on a future purchase. 

    If they don’t have contact information listed for the customer service department, write to the business owner, the CEO, or the manager. Reach out to the person who is listed as the contact on the website. Be sure to provide details about the incident so that they can help you resolve it as quickly as possible. If you cannot get a hold of their contact info via the website, then look at Service Client before moving on to see if they can provide details. 

    2. Contact The BBB

    The Better Business Bureau helps resolve complaints that customers have with companies. You can write to them to file a customer complaint. From there, there are specific steps that are followed in an effort to resolve the issue.

    3. File A Complaint With The FTC

    If a company wrongs their customers, the Federal Trade Commission will conduct an investigation. Before they can do that, however, they need to be notified of the problem. You can do this by filing a complaint. If they receive enough similar complaints, they may launch an investigation into the company. There is a form that you can use on the website to file your complaint quickly and easily. Although you aren’t required to provide detailed personal information, it may be beneficial to do so. That way, they have more to go on when they conduct their investigation.

    4. Post Your Complaint On Ripoff Report

    Ripoff Report is a site that is designed specifically for consumers to post their complaints against businesses. If you are thinking about doing business with a company, you should consider looking them up on this site first. It can give you valuable insight into whether or not they are honorable and trustworthy. One thing that sets Ripoff Report apart from other similar sites is the fact that they won’t remove complaints at the urging of the business. This can help keep companies from trying to silence customers.

    5. Report Spam To The US Federal Trade Commission Consumer Fraud Division.

    If you are experiencing spam or if you are the victim of fraudulent activity, contact the US Federal Trade Commission. The consumer fraud division, in particular, should be able to help you resolve your issue.

    6. Post Your Complaint On Yelp

    Yelp is a site where consumers can leave reviews of businesses. If a business wronged you or if they failed you in some way, you can leave feedback on Yelp for other consumers to see. You should also consider leaving positive feedback for businesses that are doing a great job.

    7. Try Posting to PlanetFeedback

    Much like Ripoff Report, this site allows consumers to post complaints about businesses that they have used. The difference is that other users are then able to interact with your post, sharing their opinions. In many cases, their opinions will align with your own. Sometimes, however, someone may disagree.

    8. Contact Your State’s Attorney General

    The attorney general for your state is responsible for making sure that consumers are treated fairly by businesses. You can file a complaint with their office by obtaining their email address from the state government’s website. Typically, they will need to receive multiple complaints about the same business before they decide to investigate. However, it can be beneficial to add your voice to the fray.

    9. Consider Complaining At Pissed Consumer

    This is another site that allows customers to post complaints about businesses. You may even want to consider posting your complaint to multiple websites. That way, people are more likely to see it before they try to do business with that company.

    10. Try Using How To Complain

    Another option is to use the How to Complain website to file your complaint. Unlike other sites where you post your complaint, this site helps you get your complaint in front of the right people. The process starts when you submit your complaint through their website. From there, they direct it to the proper people or organizations, helping to improve the likelihood that you will get a response. In fact, more than 75% of the complaints that are filed through the site are responded to. A large percentage of the people who get a response are satisfied with the outcome. It doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.


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