Dating Tips For Men: How to Talk to Women and Get a Second Date

    If you are realizing that you’re having trouble talking to women and that all your dating efforts have hit a dead-end due to your inability to lead a nice conversation, then I’ve got some news for you. You’re definitely not the only one. There are so many guys out there with this exact problem and that’s perhaps the main reason why they are mostly single and why they can’t seem to find the right girl for them. Communication has always been an important part of every single relationship and there’s virtually no chance for you to get a second date if you don’t show you can communicate properly on the first one.

    There is, however, one huge difference between you and all those other guys that remain single due to their lack of communication skills. You are actually doing something about it and I can tell that from the fact that you have found your way here. Instead of just sitting around and frowning upon your own incompetence when it comes to talking about women, you are actually determined to pick up the skills you need, become much better at the dating game and consequently secure yourself a second date with the girl you like.

    In case you are having issues with securing a first date as well, and I assume you are, you shouldn’t get discouraged. The tips I am about to share will help you learn how to start a conversation with any girl you like and thus have her agree to go out with you on a first date. Of course, once you find yourself in a restaurant, a bar, or any other setting of your choice, you’ll also need to keep the conversation flowing and going in the right direction so that you can ensure that you two will meet up again. Luckily, the tips I’ll share will help you with that as well. So, let us get started right away.

    Give Compliments, But Don’t Take It To Far

    There’s a fine line between a nice compliment and a cheesy and creepy statement. You need to learn how to walk that line successfully so that you don’t become categorized as either a man who had nothing nice to say or a creep who scared the woman off during the first conversation. Now, this might all sound a bit too scary when said like this, but the truth is that you’ll be able to learn how to walk that line successfully if you only relax.

    Basically, there’s nothing wrong with telling a woman that she has beautiful eyes if you really mean it. But, please, say it casually, genuinely and in a normal voice. Don’t turn it into a staring contest and don’t try to be overly poetic about it, at least not the first time you two are talking. Keep it simple and sincere, because women will definitely sense if you are giving them compliments just because you don’t know what to say, or because you have a secret agenda.

    Don’t Talk About Her Body Too Much

    Let me start by saying that there is, once again, absolutely nothing wrong in complimenting a woman on the way she looks. This includes her body as well. But, for the love of God, don’t be too specific when trying to give a compliment like this and don’t shift the story towards her body after every couple of sentences. If you blurt out something like “girl, I’d love to see that booty bent over”, you can rest assured that there will be no second date.

    She knows that you’re looking at it, she knows that you’re thinking it, but she definitely doesn’t want to hear you say it right away. Just try and keep it in your pants, because you’re here to have a nice conversation and get to know the person and not the person’s body. So, make sure to limit this topic and talk about other things, because focusing on her body won’t do you any good.

    If you are trying to get a girl to like you and then take her out, these tips might come in handy:

    Make Her Laugh

    Girls love when a guy can make them laugh and you should use that to your advantage. Now, you should keep in mind that everyone has a different sense of humor, meaning that you shouldn’t exactly open with a joke if you aren’t sure that she will like it. Instead, wait until you have figured out what she’s all about and what could make her laugh.

    Of course, remember that this should come completely naturally. So, if the girl is telling a serious story, the worst thing you can do is hop in with a joke or something like that. The same goes for when she’s talking about the things that she’s passionate about. Don’t try to diminish that by turning everything into a joke, because there’s a fair chance that she will get offended.

    In addition to that, you shouldn’t try and force humor on women that just don’t enjoy it. If you are out with a girl that doesn’t really share your sense of humor, you should respect that. This doesn’t mean that she will never be able to accept that sense of humor, but it simply isn’t polite, or good for you, to try and force that on a first date. In fact, if you do this, then it’s a sure guarantee that there will be no second date at all.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Show That You Are Nervous

    There is a common misconception among guys that the girls they are dating don’t want them to show their feelings. I really cannot begin to understand where they might have picked up vibes like those. Okay, I might be a bit unfair. The society we are living in has imposed certain standards that have made us all assume certain roles whether as women or as men and stick to those roles no matter what. Luckily, that’s slowly changing for the better.

    What could you possibly be feeling when approaching a girl to talk to her for the first time? If you’re not sure, let me give you a nudge in the right direction. You’re feeling nervous and that’s completely fine. There’s no universe in which a woman would make fun of you or turn you down just because you admit that you are nervous. In fact, that may actually be extremely cute and the fact that you’re able to admit it in front of them without any troubles is certainly a huge plus.

    Let Her Talk

    Communication is a two-way street, so make sure to never forget that. What does this mean exactly? Well, to put things simply, it means that you shouldn’t be egocentric and focused on nobody but yourself when trying to form a connection with a woman. If you really want your conversation with the girl you like to be a success, then you should let her speak as well. Go here to get more useful tips.

    Of course, this doesn’t exactly mean that you should let the other person talk while you are scrolling through Instagram on your phone or watching the birds fly above you. This is a huge sign of disrespect and it would be an enormous red flag for most girls. Instead of being disrespectful like that, you should actually show interest and listen to what they have to say. This will also help you get to know the person better, which is certainly an important part of every single date.

    Don’t Bring Up Exes Just Yet

    Have you ever been on a date that was going pretty well until one of you brought up the topic of ex-partners? That seemed rather benevolent at first and you might have thought that it is actually nice how you two can be so open with each other and share your past like that. Yet, it probably quickly turned into a nightmare in which you were actually the therapist of the person sitting across you and you’re helping him or her solve some unresolved issues and lick the wounds that the ex-partner had left. Don’t ask me how I know this.

    Trust me when I say this, you don’t want to be either the therapist or the client in this particular scenario. The best thing to do is avoid bringing up the topic of the exes so quickly because if you do, you might find yourself drawn into the vortex of all the past heartbreaks and wounds that consequently ensued and I’m pretty sure that the woman sitting across you won’t exactly appreciate that. So, while there’s nothing wrong in mentioning an ex or two while telling a story that involved that person, please try not to stick on that topic for far too long. After all, you’re trying to get a second date.

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