DAB Herb Makeup Releases Edible Herb Lip Paint

    DAB Herb Makeup & Skincare’s newly released edible Herb Lip Paint line is a collection to pucker up for. 

    DAB’s natural lip paint line comes in four shades: Deep Cherry Red, Strawberry Peach, Dark Watermelon and Dusty Rose. The lip paint is a hybrid lipstick-lip balm guaranteed to make your lips shimmer all day and night. Each shade is highly pigmented, as well as having an enriching texture that is both creamy and smooth. 

    The lip paint collection is 100% food-grade with no added scents or flavors. The lip paints were named after the four customers who purchased the first pot of each shade. The lip paint shades are complementary to all types of skin complections, making it an inclusive product made for everyone. You’ll be craving to let out your inner artist with the glistening and crafty beauty product. 

    DAB first started releasing products on e-commerce website Etsy. Since then, they have greatly expanded and recently joined their first in-person retailer Flying Solo in Manhattan. The sustainable company continuously receives raving reviews from their customers and continues to grow with every new product released. 

    DAB’s mission is to make their customers feel healthy and confident with the beauty products they use. DAB prides itself with having makeup collections that are certified organic, cruelty-free and vegan. The company values its fans and will continue to make products that are fun, safe and wholesome. 

    The Herb Lip Paint line is a refreshing addition to all types of makeup routines. It will be hard not to smile when wearing DAB’s gorgeous and trendsetting lip paint. 

    To shop DAB’s new line, visit: https://www.dabhms.com/. Follow DAB on social media at @dabhms.

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