Becoming A Lifestyle Blogger 101: How To Get Started

    Being able to monetize your blog is one of the main goals of bloggers. While there’s no denying that there may be walls that could initially stop you, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Many bloggers are already monetizing their blogs. Here are some ways you can launch your lifestyle blog and become successful with it.

    Becoming A Lifestyle Blogger: Getting Started

    If you’re someone who loves reading lifestyle websites and magazines, then this might be a great niche for you to start with. This is one of the best ways to share your expertise and passion about the things that you love, and at the same time, earn revenue.

    Consider your lifestyle blog as a place where you can share your adventures, travel, hobbies, passions and even write down your feelings. This is a great way to turn your hobby into a career that pays well if done properly.

    Why lifestyle blogging? The niche is huge – there are endless possibilities to create content for an audience and to work with companies reviewing products suggests VelSEOity. And even though there are millions of lifestyle bloggers out there, you’ll never run out of content because you can talk about, post about literally anything – from career advice to product reviews.

    Basic Steps To Become A Lifestyle Blogger

    Do Your Research

    Before you get started, write down a list of your favorite magazines or blogs and take note of the things that you love about those. From there, you would also want to take note of the things that you think that the website could improve on.

    This will help you understand what you want to achieve with your lifestyle blog.

    Understand Your Brand

    Here’s a difficult, yet fun part. Think of a domain name first – find a list of available domain names that correspond with what your blog envisioned it to be, then think about the branding once you’ve secured your domain. Remember, your website needs to sound catchy, but easy to remember.

    As much as possible, use .com as your domain extension.

    Now that you have a clear vision on what you want your blog to be, it’s time to turn those thoughts into ideas by describing your blog’s overall niche and add it to your domain name. Examples are:

    • Motherhood
    • Food
    • Interior Design
    • Home
    • Fashion
    • Bargains
    • Affordable
    • Minimalist
    • Beautiful

    There are many combinations that you can try. Don’t be frustrated if your first-choice domain name is already taken. You will find the right fit, so keep looking. You may also want to consider using a domain name generator if you need a little bit of help coming up with combinations.

    Time To Set Your Blog Up

    Now that you have a domain name, it’s time for the technical stuff. Setting up your blog isn’t as difficult as it used to be. You need to find a hosting plan, install WordPress and choosing a theme. Luckily, you don’t have to eyeball and guess what to do next. There are plenty of resources on how you can get started.

    Start Blogging!

    Now is the perfect time to convey your ideas and turn them into beautiful blogs. Do a “brain dump.” Take out a pen and paper or a blank notepad and write all of your ideas on posts you want to share with your audience, with your blog name in the middle. This serves as your mindmap and you can go back to this every time you’re running out of new ideas to post about.

    The rule of thumb is to make sure that you write posts regularly to keep your audience engaged.

    Monetize Your Blog

    Once you’ve generated a good amount of following, monetize your blog to take advantage of the traffic that you’re getting. Here are a few ways to do so:

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Brand / Product Collaboration
    • Event Hosting
    • Banner Ads
    • Product Launch
    • … and many others!


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