Creative Tips to Enhance Your Writing

    Writing can be extremely rewarding, whether you want to write the next great novel or chase after the big stories for the news. You need only a pen, paper, and your imagination. Sometimes, you can face a roadblock when it comes to ideas or fleshing out a story. Or perhaps writing in one genre has you burned out and frustrated. You don’t have to abandon all hope. Just like your body, your mind needs to exercise and sweep out the cobwebs once in a while. Here are some tips to help focus on enhancing your writing.

    Clear your mind

    Staring at your blank computer screen can be daunting and even irritating. Don’t be hindered by this temporary defeat. Eye strain can cause burning, itching, and even headaches. Especially if you do a lot of work on a computer, the bright screen can have you visiting your eye doctor with the other 10 million Americans a year. Take a break and refresh with a yoga session, either at home or a studio. When doing specific poses, you can release tension and stress that can lead to headaches such as migraines. Yoga breathing helps to clear and unclutter the mind, which is beneficial when your writer’s brain has been going a mile a minute. Taking a walk is another good way to get your blood and creative juices flowing. Henry David Thoreau and other famous writers discussed how walking helped them be more productive. Walking and other physical activities is not just good for your mind, but also fights cardiovascular disease, bone loss, and weight gain.

    The writing service

    Stepping out of your comfort zone may be the key to helping you break out of a rut. For example, if you are used to writing science fiction, you can try your hand at one of many best writing services agencies. These service offer help to people such as graduate students who need essays or papers done in a timely manner. With such a large workload, it can be difficult to complete everything on time while working on your masters or Ph.D. You discuss what you would like in the paper with your writer, and with some notes, they compose it for a pre-arranged fee. These writers also work with website owners, bloggers, and business owners to create polished and well-written content for you while you are busy running your business. Such writers with these skills are vital for people who also don’t have great writing skills and need a little extra help. Hiring a writing service may help give you the edge in your resume you need to get the job you deserve.

    Journaling and poetry

    There are many types of poems, from the strict haiku form to free verse. They can be a few sentences short or long such as the Epic of Gilgamesh. Poems are emotional literary art forms that tell a story or present an idea. Shakespeare was known for his sonnets, which consisted of 14 lines of iambic pentameter in a certain scheme. You can follow one of many types or create your own. It can tell a story or reflect how you are feeling about anything. It gives you freedom to express yourself and may help spark a creative flow for your other writing.

    Keep a small journal handy for when inspiration hits. Expressing feelings can also help you record your poems or anything else that comes to mind. It can be something personal for you or a record of your life for your future generations to read. It can be simple or consist of doodles you have created, photos, or written in a rainbow of colors from pens or markers. You can keep one by your bed to record dreams or ideas that pop in your head late at night to use for a later use. A great thing about journals are that they come in a variety of sizes so you can carry them in your pocket or a large bag.


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