Trace Johnson on Creating a People-First Culture While Helping Dozens Reach Their Financial Goals Along The Way

    It is not often to find people who put other people’s interests first. However, for Trace Johnson, he found the secret power in these actions. This visionary servant leader is bringing happiness and satisfaction to many business owners and entrepreneurs. 

    Putting people first is what differentiates Trace from others in his industry. He helps provide a culture where everyone else strives to get better together. The goal is always 1% better every day. Trace has built a family that even relates outside of work. Incredibly, sometimes they believe in others even more than those people believe in themselves. Trace and his team think about other people before themselves. 

    Why People First?

    There is no lid to the amount of impact that Trace can make on those around him. That is why people motivate him. Even when he feels he doesn’t want to, he knows that it is not about him but the people that depend on him to win. He is concerned more about the people that he gives hope to on their down days. Trace helps people win, build something bigger than them, and chase a life that people only dream of. In the process, he has been able to create more “human” leaders. This commitment that he has demonstrated is what gives him satisfaction. 

    How Trace Built His People-First Culture

    To be a people-first culture, one has to care for others more than themselves. Trace cares about individuals, that’s why they chose and trust him. He invests in communicating with the people while providing actual feedback. Additionally, Trace is constantly pursuing to find people who have what he wants. He has a passionate desire to impact people. He is always thirsty to make a difference in people’s lives. Through these processes and trusting the system, Trace has been able to build a people-first culture. 

    Achieving Financial Goals

    It was through the idea of people first that a company was born. Trace’s company helps people achieve whatever their financial and time freedom looks like while providing a pure profit. He helps find out what they are capable of accomplishing for themselves and everyone else around them. Trace’s company is a facet of the insurance industry. They help take care of all the permanent life insurance benefits for all major unions and associations across North America. They are also the official life insurance company of America’s Football Team, the Dallas Cowboys, and own Globe Life Park where the Texas Rangers play. 

    Moreover, Trace Johnson helps people master skill sets such as sales, marketing, recruiting, and leadership development that they can take with them for the rest of their lives which can help them genuinely thrive no matter what industry they end up in. Trace’s business also helps others by giving working families peace of mind by securing their families’ financial future with affordable permanent supplement life insurance benefits. 

    For more information on creating a people-first culture, you can connect with Trace on Instagram: @tracejohnson_


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