Comfort Food For The Win: The 8 Insane Stages Of Emotional Eating

    When it comes to getting our hearts broken, unfortunately, we have all been there and done that, but luckily there is always one thing that seems to ease the pain — FOOD. Without food, I seriously don’t know how I would have gotten through some of my most difficult times, because let’s be real here: not only is emotional eating a thing, but it is EVERYTHING.

    They call it “comfort food” for a reason, and let me tell ya first hand, there is nothing that a double bacon cheeseburger, entire pie of pizza, or a gallon of ice-cream can’t fix. Yes, they truly are the real MVPS.

    If you’re currently going through some sh*t and think you’re the only one stuffing your face, trust us, that’s far from the truth. Here are the 8 insane stages of emotional eating that everyone has been through:

    1. The “I literally can’t even” Stage

    Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.42.08 AM

    When heartbreak initially hits, you’re so distraught that you feel as if you physically can’t eat and never will ever again. Spoiler alert: That sh*t does not last long.

    2. The “OK, fine… Maybe just one bite” Stage


    Your friends convince you that you have to at least eat a little something, and before you know it, that turns into a whole lot of something. #NoJudgementZone

    3. The “BOOM. Ben and Jerry’s is BAE” Stage


    You realize how good it feels to eat your feelings… so you eat them ALL. Every last one. All you need in this life of sin is just you and your boyfriend ice-cream.

    4. The #ChocolateWasted Stage


    The sugar high is too real. You start drunk chocolate-wasted texting and suddenly you miss him, or even wanna diss him…

    5. The Self-Loathing Stage


    The realization comes over you that you just ate an entire kitchen and that you’re fat, fat, FAT and that’s why you’re alone.

    6. The “It’s because I’m fat” Pity Party Stage


    You ask him if he broke up with you because you’re fat.. he assures you that you aren’t, but insists you are in fact batsh*t crazy.

    7. The Cry-Yourself-Into-A-Full-Blown-Food-Coma Stage


    Salty, salty, SALTY tears in your sleep.

    8. Wake Up & Repeat Sulky Stage


    The cycle just never ends…

    (Images: Giphy, Tumblr)


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