Why Women Shouldn’t Wait to Make the First Move Anymore

    It’s a pretty good time to be a woman.

    Beyonce has declared that girls run the world, and you know what they say — Queen Bey is always right.

     There is even a female candidate running for president! 


    We’re standing up to sexist stereotypes and antiquated ideals about everything from breastfeeding in public to catcalling.

    So why is it that when it comes to our love lives, women sit on the sidelines and wait for men to take the lead?

    Three years ago, Cosmo did a survey that revealed 95% of men love it when a woman asks them out.  Most recently, a study conducted by OKCupid found that when it comes to online dating, women are 2.5 times more likely to garner interest from a guy if they initiate contact!


    There is only one true reason why women should be taking a more active role in their relationship status.  It has nothing to do with what guys like best or playing the dating game right.

    It’s because we can!


    Here’s the deal ladies, if you don’t want to pursue guys, don’t… but don’t sit on the sidelines playing  the “should I, shouldn’t I?” game, either.

    If you see a man that you think could be Mr. Right, go get him!

    Have confidence! Go for it, regardless of the “norm”.

    If you’re still not convinced that the benefits of asking a guy out outweigh the potential for embarrassment, consider these other reasons why you should be the pursuer at least once in your life:

    • He might be too shy to approach you: Guys get nervous too! You’re a beautiful, smart women, why wouldn’t they be shaking in their boots?! It’s scary, and no one like rejection.  You could be missing out on Mr. Right and not even realize it! So go ahead, send that drink across the bar and kill him with that smile.
    • You’re just saying “Hi”: It’s not speed dating. You’re just starting a conversation. When a guy approaches you successfully it usually isn’t with a cheesy line or an immediate request for digits. All you have to say is “Hi.” It’s the start of a conversation.
    • He might think he’s friend zoned: The only way a guy friend will take the relationship beyond friendship is if he thinks you’re into it. And the only way he’s going to catch on that you’re into it is if you let him know you are!
    • Going after what you want is empowering: Even if you find out he’s taken, you will walk away feeling ten feet tall because you embraced your power!
    • It’s good practice for all aspects of your life: Successfully going after things you want in life takes hard work and practice – it also takes falling on your ass a few times. The only way you get good at something is if you do it!

    It’s important to always remember, if you ever come across a guy who makes you feel that asking him out is wrong or weird, f*ck him. Would you really want to date someone who doesn’t think confidence is sexy?!

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