Check This Article and Get Inspired for Your Instagram Journey

    The social platform Instagram is an amazing place where people can have fun, easily communicate with their loved ones and run a successful business as well. You are also able to learn information for people and events from all around the world. Instagram has millions of active users on a daily basis who upload content all the time. Due to all this traffic on Instagram you have the ability to become popular easily, all the while expressing your passion which might be related to travel, food, make-up and many more activities. Instagram also became a home for many people who managed to raise their popularity owing to Instagram and now these people are called influencers. They are using the platform as a place where they can promote different goods and services and they get paid from brands in order to advertise these things. Have you ever thought of who are the most successful influencers on Instagram? If so – read on and you will see some influencers who share great content and you should definitely follow.

    @zachking. Zack King is 30 years old and he is a YouTube, Vine, TikTok and Instagram star and he is based in Los Angeles. He gained his popularity back in 2008 with his “magic vines” which are videos that were edited to look as if he is doing magic tricks. Currently, he is really popular on Instagram as well. He has 23 million followers and we can use him as an example of a successful influencer. He is publishing videos and images of his work along with any contents related to his adorable family – wife and two cute little boys. Besides all of these activities, he is also a writer and he recently published his first book.

    @hudabeauty. Huda Kattan is the founder of the cosmetics line Huda Beauty that is now existing and it is really popular thanks to Instagram. Huda Kattan is an American beauty blogger and makeup -artist and she managed to gain much popularity on Instagram which helped her to have her dream come true. Huda is considered one of the most influential persons online; moreover, she started a reality show, entitled Huda Boss. Huda is well known by the Instagram society with her cosmetic products reviews and make-up tutorials. On Instagram, Huda is currently followed by almost 43 million people and she is one of the best influencers in the beauty sector nowadays in a global perspective. Well, we cannot be sure that all of her followers are real people, because many influencers and celebrities these days are actually buying followers and likes on Instagram from suppliers.

    @nashgrier. Hamilton Nash Grier is a 22 years old American Internet star. He became popular in 2013 with his videos on the video-sharing platform Vine. He was one of the most-followed people on this platform. On Instagram Nash is currently followed by more than 10 million people. Nowadays he releases mobile applications and games such as Cash Dash, Mobli and Challenge. He is also having live tours shared on Instagram and YouTube while he is exploring Australia and New Zealand.

     @michelle_lewin. Michelle Lewin is a popular Instagram fitness trainer and model. In the end, everyone wants to be fit and healthy, right? Michelle is actually a fitness influencer born in Venezuela, but she is currently living in Florida. At the moment her followers’ number is 13 million. On her Instagram page you can see a variety of content of workouts, different fitness products and many tips that can help you to start becoming fit.

    @chiaraferragni. Chiara Ferragini is an Italian fashion blogger, influencer and designer that is collaborating with many famous worldwide brands on Instagram. She is 32 years old and currently she is based in New York. In 2017 she was ranked first as “Top Fashion Influencer” according to “Forbes Magazine” list. Chiara is working along with brands such as Christian Dior, Gucci and Chanel. On Instagram, she is followed by almost 20 million people.

    If you desire to become a successful Instagram influencer you should be ready to make many efforts and it takes a lot of hard work and passion. I hope this article helped you out to get inspired. If you manage to become an influencer you will see that all the efforts definitely worth it. 


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